Cheeseburger In Paradise

I had Friday off and spent the morning blogging.  Around noon I met my friend and we messed around the rest of the day and evening running around.  Our evening ended at  Cheeseburger In Paradise.  It was busy and we had to sit at the bar initially.  We shared some sort of fried onion called Onion Six Strings and pop.  (Well, my friend didn't have pop.)  We waited for almost an hour and went to the desk to see if we were up soon to be seated…uh, no…they had skipped over us.  So, we got back on the list and another half hour later…we had been skipped AGAIN.  After some negotiating we were seated on the patio.

It was about 7:30 now and after we had ordered we realized that we would've missed the band if we had been seated on time.  What a treat!  The exterior wall of the restaurant is made from garage doors.  As it got to be 8:00, they opened the doors and the entire restaurant became open-air.  So nice!  The band was great!

Let me recommend to you the Peruvian Pulled Pork sandwich.  It was absolutely excellent.

My favorite weather moved in…Oklahoma thunderstorms in the Summer.  This gal is my best friend for a reason.  We can talk for hours and she tolerates well my wandering spirit.

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