An evening in Guthrie, OK

Guthrie 090206 005
Guthrie 090206 008

Jennifer invited Mark and Kim and me.  She is so gracious and a good promoter for the beauty and interest that you can find in Guthrie, OK.  We had dinner at Granny Had One which happens to be run by our friend Mary Coffin and is an excellent establishment in every way.  It is a large restaurant in an historical space.  This is home-style cooking at its very best.  Mmmmm.  The desserts were great too.

We went from Granny's to see a show across the street at the Pollard Theatre.  It is a small theatre with an excellent company of actors.  We saw a British farce called Noises Off.  Though I thought the show had a painfully slow beginning it really warms up and gets very crazy.  I guess I was a little "dull" or something but I eventually warmed up and had a blast.

Walk around.  Just walk around Guthrie.  We seem to get to do it a couple of times a year.  Last time it was around Christmas.  This time it was Labor Day weekend and was rather deserted and quite a contrast to our Christmas visit.    The people of this town are committed to its vitality and growth while preserving its history as the first capital of Oklahoma.  There is a story around this place that the state seal was stolen from Guthrie and taken to Oklahoma City.



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One thought on “An evening in Guthrie, OK

  1. YES. Yuri's Revenge/Red Alert 2 is my fav. strategy game of all time. It's been a few years though.Yuri's a bad guy, grinding up all those innocent people like he does.

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