While I was driving…

I noticed billboards.  I usually try to ignore them because, well, sometimes they slime me.  Anyway, there was a series of billboards that were just big red billboards with phrases on them.  They cracked me up.  I didn't know until the next phase that these were Cartoon Network anticipation billboards…teasers.  I don't really like most of today's cartoons but the billboards are silly.  My favorites seem to be:

"I pooted."  Imagine a giant red billboard with the simple yellow words…

The other I was captured by was "Clowns hate tangelos."  I don't know the source of either of these but now there are pictures to accompany the words so I know there IS a source and it isn't just random.  Odd how a phrase like "clowns hate tangelos" can stick with a gal for several days.  Clowns hate tangelos.  Clowns hate tangelos.

Nearby to these odd little boards are others that aren't nearly so tolerable.  There is a bar called Night Trips which has some seductive crud on it…and a gym called Hard Bodies.  (*sigh)

I welcome the comedy because, otherwise, the junk on the highway I travel to work is very tiresome.  I use to have a more scenic commute and had several options I could choose from to get to work but now I live on the edge of our metropolis and drive an ugly highway that is about to go under MAJOR construction. 

Is it okay to pray for entertaining billboards?

That is how I come to have random stuff in my mind…strange songs…sometimes prayer…sometimes fighting for my life.

Back when I first started making this commute (just after my marriage to Mark in 2004) I witnessed a horrible fatality.  It was a firey crash and it was horrible.  HORRIBLE.  There is also the amazing amount of SUVs and large trucks that indicate that the gas prices here aren't really freaking anyone out.  Get my little Ford Focus out there with a few hundred giant vehicles and my yearning for deliverance from I-40 is really reaching the "crying out" stage.

Still, it is Oklahoma and we don't have anyplace here with the traffic of the Dallas Metro, L.A., or most other major cities so what am I complaining about?


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7 thoughts on “While I was driving…

  1. Oh…and Lord…give Laura Leigh lots of entertaining billboards and many silly songs during her drives to work. Amen.
    (I asked God for a bear when I was driving in the mountains last week…He gave me 2)

  2. Wow. Denver has no funny billboards? How sad is that? A city without funny billboards is a city without…um….without….um….billboards. Okay. I guess it's okay that Denver doesn't have these for the cartoon network (Are cartoons legal in Denver?) but it must have something funny on those big ole highways.

  3. Do you have enertaining billboards in Spanish? How about lots of billboards of has-been enertainers playing at Indian casinos? I'll tell you this, the fact that clowns hate tangelos is just another reason to avoid clowns.

  4. Paul, I must confess that I might not know if I am being entertained by the Spanish billboards because I have no idea what they say. Our Indian casinos are still boring here (although we have a casino every 20 miles or so now) and they seem afraid to promise us Tony Bennett (whom we hope they would bring and force us to violate our decision to not patronize them) or Kenny Rogers (my only concession to country music) but they will give us every has-been country singer in the world and a thousand groups we never heard of.
    As for the clowns, …I say, "Give them tangelos!"

  5. Well the ones for the new country radio station. There's the one with the chick wearing a huge belt buckle that says "Our artists invented bling." or "The songs beer bring out." "Release your inner redneck." I enjoy those billboards. 🙂

  6. Oh my! That's funny. Now I'm thinkin' that you can't really live in the cosmo city of Denver and have billboards saying "Release you inner redneck."
    I haven't been in Denver in years. About a year ago I was in Colorado Springs and took a drive from HWY 24 to 285….and that got us as far as Breckenridge…and that was the closest I've been to Denver in years. I had family in Aurora so long ago.
    Anyway, thanks for the billboard quotes.

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