Vox Hunt: Tastes great


Show us something that tastes great.


Now…don't roll your eyes at me.  :) 

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8 thoughts on “Vox Hunt: Tastes great

  1. The water came back the very next day, the water came back, they thought he was a goner but the water came back, he just couldn't stay away. Meeeooooowww…wait a minute.
    I did wake up to another lake today. However, the problem was solved this time around. I can put away my pool noodle. Thanks for asking.
    Mark sounds like fun. Are you blue GP?

  2. Okay. Manhattan Transfer has a version of that which I enjoy immensely. I heard it the first time being sung by some cool cat (no pun intended) jazz players.
    Glad they found the source of the water. Sneaky stuff. BBOS had sneaky water too but, obviously, not from the same source. Hers skipped two rooms to hit her closet from the kitchen area.
    Yes, Cheryl, I've been blue for a long time now and I'm not overcoming it yet. It's strange. I thought I had mastered my issues with this depression stuff.

  3. I have also battled depression. Perhaps your present blue is spiritual warfare? Healing in layers?
    You will be in my prayers GP. The blues are good; they usually precede some serious joy and bigger freedom. Given that you are in ministry…spiritual warfare!!!

  4. Perhaps it is warfare. I see clearly that there is something related to my work. Yet, my thinking tells me that MOST of it is a distinctly personal battle and it's complicated by work demands. Thanks for the promise of prayer. I really wouldn't be GP without a bit of the blues but not clearing up is reminding me of earlier, more tormented, less free days. Ew.

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