When the energy is harnessed

BBOS when not bouncing

My_BBOS when she is not bouncing like Tigger.  She isn't only "energetic" but is also VERY multi-talented.

(Girrrrrrrl,  Are your nails painted for a retreat?)

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5 thoughts on “When the energy is harnessed

  1. GIRLFRIEND YOU ARE SO BAD LOL! When did you sneak that shot?
    Thanks for the Kudos Guitpickens61 I know that you don't hand out complements lightly. I appreciate your talents too… I sure wish I could "pick" a guit-fiddle like you… the only thing I can pick well is my nose… and I have to concentrate to do that! LOL

  2. Okay, the tears are starting to come from laughing; that would be the Welsh in me; my English side is uncomfortable while my Scottish side is wondering how much gold you would find in a typical pick.
    Good to see you singing BBOS. What voice part do you sing?

  3. I'm not going to touch the "golden" pick issue with a ten foot pole! lol but I will tell you that I'm more comfortable with alto parts. I'm more in the vocal range of the old Amy Grant styles of music.

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