While I was driving…

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I saw another shoe in the road.  Hats?  Well, I can understand a hat.  I can understand ropes, tools, dead animals and the like.  The shoe thing amazes me though.  Shoes are on our feet.  Our feet are in the car.  If we ride in the back of a truck, our feet are usually down.  If we are on a cycle, are feet are on the pedals.  Why are shoes such a common thing in the road?

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9 thoughts on “While I was driving…

  1. I must confess to hanging my feet out the window when I am in the passengers seat. T'is possible to lose a shoe. Perhaps people have lost shoes using the ankle express? That would be the equivalent to blowing a tire. Wow, it's late. Good night LL.

  2. Maybe they are a sign that we are supposed to be walking instead of driving to decrease our nation's addiction to Middle Eastern oil.OR Maybe your Guardian Angels needs some help with their shoe laces.

  3. Well I hadn't considered that they might be a "sign" which shows you just how clueless I can be on my daily drive. A shoe as a subliminal message…hmmm. I see the point.
    GP has loooooong susupected that many an angel had suffered while caring for her. Shoe loss! (I wonder if they might have some use for velcro?)
    Just another note…it isn't usually orthopedic shoes…or high heels…or baby shoes…

  4. Guardian angel shoes…how big were they?
    Yes, GP, I am a night owl. Are we in the same time zone? Mountain time? I didn't think I was up till 3:00 but certainly not uncommon. I get off work around 9:30, 10:00 and it takes me a while to unwind.
    Not cold here yet…Friday should be the first snow. I'll be excited when I replace my tires. Until then I am asking the Lord to hold off on the snow.
    Do you get much snow where you are?

  5. I'm in the central time zone…so about 1 hour difference. My husband puzzles over my inability to unwind at times so I understand the "unwind" thing.
    Last winter we got two small snows and one of them lasted less than an hour. At times we get several but they never stay long. I love cold weather and dispise HOT weather and the past two weeks of having "cooler" weather (under 100 and now below 90 degrees Farenheit).

  6. I'll confirm Cheryl is a night owl! I'm Not! But when you have friends that are, well, you stay up longer sometimes than intended!
    I like the Guardian Angel hypothesis. The other day my Mom shared with me that she and Dad were talking in the car and she mentioned that if Dad wasn't around (she was a widow) that she wouldn't marry and would probably choose to live together instead. The glove compartment opened at that moment. Never done that before. I told Mom it's because the Guardian Angels who hang with her had never heard such unChrist like talk from her, they choked on their coffee and the one with it's legs crossed bumped the glove compartment and it opened in their complete shock. These would have been little angels with little shoes though. 😀

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