While I was driving…

I was grateful that the traffic was flowing and I only had to HIT the brakes once

And it was mostly regular cars

And sort-of light on the 18-wheelers and SUVs

AND I was enjoying the church with the new marquee

AND tonight while I was I was driving I was grateful that the traffic was flowing and the music was good

AND the sign-language was kept to a minimum and it wasn't a cross country race

AND that I've got a friend named Pat who has assisted my sanity for years

AND that I'm a lucky woman with friends who understand me even when they don't "get it" completely

AND gas was $2.11/gallon !

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3 thoughts on “While I was driving…

  1. I'm grateful that the Lord keeps you safe daily on the road both to work and on the way home to decompress. I'm grateful that He gave you a good ride home today and that you do have friends like Pat that help keep you sane the same way you help keep others sane.
    I'm grateful that you have allowed me to have a peak into your blog life and that you encourage me through mine.
    Thanks GP and thank you God for the blessing that she is to others worldwide.
    OH and I too am grateful that gas is $2.11.9 per gallon. 🙂

  2. I said this is good because I love the photo. Just hope it was not taken by someone while he/she was driving! I was grateful to pay $2.16.9 per gallon for gas, Monday. The price continues to drop, and is now $2.13.9.

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