Out of Pocket


I'll be out of pocket for a week or so.  I'm participating in a training and won't be in town.  If anyone thinks of it, will you pray for me on Thursday?  I'm teaching the teachers that day…preaching to the choir…whatever.  I'm also leading a small group but I don't really consider THAT to be one of my strong points.  I do not consider myself to be a good small group leader but I'm not a bad one so pray for the folks I'm called to serve that they will meet Jesus no mater what my skill is at the moment…and that they will know HIM to be faithful to them.  Bless ya'll.



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11 thoughts on “Out of Pocket

  1. I have missed your "wit" this week my friend. I pray for you daily and ask that our Father would let you find peace in the middle of the teaching confernece and time to get off ALONE to decompress. I also pray for the rain you so enjoy and time to drive in it with good tunes and good memories to comfort your heart… Grace to you sister … we miss you in here … we look forward to your return.

  2. Just an update:
    God is faithful and is touching broken hearts, breaking into hard hearts and is touching these tender wounds. Thanks to those who are praying. My small group is going well. We've seen some significant ministry to racial wounds and that is really cool.
    I teach around 2:00 central time on Thursday.
    I didn't rest well last night and wouldn't mind prayer for my "constitution" as I haven't had a "constitutional" since I arrive and am rather uncomfortable today.
    The group which I love to lead will begin on Thursday as well but I won't be there to get them started. It's probably no big deal as they are all in good hands but I "FEEL" like I'm missing out of something I really care about.
    Pray for my sweet hubby too. He got hit hard at work on Monday and I think it might be backlash against what I'm doing here this week.

  3. I will be praying for you to be able to find time to practice. I will be praying for you hubby too that his work will improve dramically and that the Lord will protect all that you own and all those that you call your own.
    (((((((((((((((( GP & Hubby )))))))))))))))))))

  4. God decided to focus on MY broken heart tonight. I realize that it is a forgiveness issue regarding the past several months. I probably won't have many moments in the next few days to focus and work it through but I welcome your prayers.
    Racial issues were addressed today among those I'm called to serve here. It was good work. Also, so much shame and pain…people YOUNG in God dealing with their pain. It is glorious but difficult for them. Pray for their little hearts.

  5. Okay. Update time. I think I got a little bit knocked around today by the DeBil. He must really hate the good work this week. There was a time of ministry where men and women turned to bless each other. They passed through the midst of each other so that men and women mingled. I must have passed 20 men and was touched and blessed by two. It had an odd effect on me. I'm usually secure in this type of situation knowing that I am blessed and that the "issue" isn't and "issue" for me; however, today was different and it really hurt my heart. The two that blessed me know me and THAT IS a blessing. So, maybe I need a little cheese with my whine.
    We closed the small group times for the week and I rejoice that the women in my group bonded well and got their hearts touched all week. I felt so insecure about it and God used it all to his best purpose and they were blessed. Thank you, Father.
    I loved my assistant small group leader and the 4 women in our group. I had an unusually good week.
    The words to a song we learned this week really means a lot to me. Sing to Jesus/ Lord of our Shame/ Lord of our sinful hearts/ He is our great Redeemer/Sing to Jesus/ Honor His name/ Sing of His faithfulness/ Pouring His life out unto death
    Okay. I teach tomorrow (Thursday) I'm going to prepare now. The rest of the team has gone into Kansas City for some fun. (I must be a responsible grown-up for now. Tomorrow afternoon I'll play!)

  6. Just got a message from GP saying that she had a constitutional… and to thank everyone on VOX for your prayers. She said to tell everyone on VOX that she has been "relieved" since she hadn't had a constinutional since Friday.

  7. Praying that you will have so great inspiration for your teaching tomorrow and that you'll be able to settle into the flow of it quickly. I was relieved to hear that you were "relieved" and that you'll be able to concentrate tomorrow. You will be in my prayers – as is your hubby…. Hugs

  8. I'll be driving quite a bit tomorrow, GP…probably while you're teaching, so I will be praying for you as I do. Looking forward to hearing what great things He has done through you!!

  9. Dear all,
    There was strength for the little teaching I did today and I did finally settle in and present the topic of Teaching Living Waters to the people. I had hoped that people would come away with a sense that they COULD do this "teaching" thing. I think I did convey that hope as some did come up later and say that it was helpful to them.
    I have loved the opportunity this week and feel like I'm taking my place and doing what I was born to do. God is big.
    My husband has borne the brunt of the battle this week. It has been tough for him personally and at work. I look forward to several months with minimal travel. I think that will be good for him. I am fortunate to have a man in my life secure with this part of my life that is so public.

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