It Has Been A Busy Month

It has been a busy month.  The actual "breaks" have been inperceptable.  I am not exaggerating at all.  This morning I leave for a training in Kansas City.  It turns out that a good friend and co-worker will also be serving at this training so we are going together.  That's great.

I'll be a small group leader at this training.  The people who attend are men and women who hope to have groups in their areas OR who probably need significant healing in their lives still.  I'm not particularly a good small group leader and find myself challenged to be more prayerful, more attentive, able to listen and, again, to pray.  I hope I serve these people well.

In addition I will do a teaching on the final day of training on the topic of TEACHING in this program.  So,  yes, I'm teaching ABOUT teaching.  It means a lot to me that the national coordinator has asked me to do this.  I hope people with come away with the feeling that they too can run a program and that they too are equipped.

For the record, this is the last of the travels for awhile.  It is surprising to me that even one weekend a month…or a few days here or there…feels so impacting to my sense of order and rest. I was in Orlando in Jan and Siloam Springs and Davis in Feb. April was Illinois. June was Illinois. July was Kansas City and August was Wichita. Now it is September to Kansas City. 

If I travel in October or November it'll be with my husband or with Jesus for a rest.  A friend has offered their mobile home at a lake for a few days and that seems okay.  I want to see Margaret Becker in Norman in October so I don't know if I want to travel around my birthday and I kinda think I don't even want to go out of town.  Still, if I don't I'm not sure I'll get the kind of "away" feeling that I want.

Anyway, I'll be gone for a full week.

I'll miss my husband.

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