My God Is King

I am always overwhelmed when I enter a music store.  First, which of the many genre do I begin exploring and when I pick one I wonder what I am missing?  Secondly, there will always be limited funds.  Thirdly, if I pick something and take it out of the store, have I picked the one that I'll love and fight to wear it out?

I came home with Pablo Perez's project called Return and find that, for once, I don't have any regrets.  MOST of the cuts are good for me right now but I want to highlight the #2 cut called "My God Is King" for a minute.  Not only is it a beautiful rendering of our hope for Christ's return, but its lyrical depth has captured my heart.  Some of the musical phrases remain with me, sans the lyrics, even when I am talking with people or listening to the television.  These musical phrases come as a call of sorts to my heart–"Worship Me."  "Come be with Me awhile, my daughter."  "Come away from the busy, exhausting, draining activity and sit with Me awhile."

Okay, the CD overall has an adult contemporary feel about it (with the exception of the last two tracks and their upbeat, latin feel) but it is that other element that makes it so exceptional.  An example of this other element is the violin played by Ruth Fazal. It seems that in the past 10 years or so that violins are "cool" again but this violin in "My God Is King" was exactly the right instrument for the job.  Another other is the well-wrought lyric throughout the project.  I'll admit to being a sucker for cellos and there is a pretty little solo in this project.  Shoot, the voices are pretty good too but especially so on #2. 

This album can be listened to here.  If you desire to purchase, please go here and support these musicians in their natural habitat.

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