Who Brought The Cat?

My BBOS sent this to me via e-mail and I just thought I'd share it.  I am wondering if the pic is for real?  I am wondering if this needs to be reported to the ASPCA!?  I am wondering why the thought of this really so humorous to me.  I really enjoy you guys.  Have a good day.  Mine is about to get really busy.

Who Brought The Cat

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14 thoughts on “Who Brought The Cat?

  1. I'm loving it and laughing, too. Cats and inflatables! Reminds me of when my cat tried to get his "toy" from between the waterbed mattress and frame. Bet you know where this is going. Yes . . . small pinhole in waterbed mattress. When I pulled the mattress away from the frame to get to the hole to patch it, water spurted from it nicely.Glad to see the girls have something to hold. Are they having fun?! Sure hope so.

  2. That's a photo-shopped, photo. No need to alert the authorities! I think it did what it was meant to do though…everyone who has seen it seems to dissolve in fits of giggles!

  3. GP is quite relieved that the poor kitty was most likely not present in the inflatable toy. GP also suspects that most likely the poor kitty is also relieved. GP is glad that the ASPCA will not have to be contacted. :::scratching THAT off the "to-do" list.:::

  4. LOL! Hiliarious! OH MY GOSH! That is so funny! A cat… with claws in a rubber raft! Did anyone notice that this was a very spiritual cat? It is a worshipping cat! LOL!

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