I Tagged Myself

Cheryl's friend over at the Snowed Inn tagged Cheryl and she tagged Susan and Maureen.  I don't really know them so they wouldn't be tagging me so I tagged myself.  This Meme is 8 Things about me that are not common knowledge.  I miss moments like these because I over-think.  Let's see what I come up with. 

  1. I scared myself with a stick once.  Yes, it is true.  I was walking around with a stick and poking it into little holes around the bank of a pond.  When I was distracted from poking, I began to chase ducks and stuck the stick under my arm. Moments later I "saw" the stick in my peripheral vision and thought I "saw" a snake!  I began to dance around with flailing arms and gasping in alarm.  Yes, I scared myself with a stick.  There were two witnesses.
  2. Everyone knows I'm pretty open but there are things that I treasure deep in my heart that I still have never shared with anyone at all.
  3. I daydream about beaches but don't particularly like the blazing sun. 
  4. I love the look of Birkenstocks.  Yes, I even love the look of the ugly ones.  I even love them with socks.   (See #2) 
  5. I secretly aspire to be a hippie.  (See #4) 
  6. I have a phobia regarding the United States Postal Service and placing things in the mail requires intentional faith.
  7. My favorite type of conversation is one-on-one over a long afternoon-evening-night or over an entire weekend.
  8. I generally always would prefer to be alone.

My_BBOS and Becko, consider yourselves tagged.

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5 thoughts on “I Tagged Myself

  1. I'm so glad you told us the stick story. I'd seen your mention of it over at Cheryl's and would have hunted you down and demanded it, eventually. Good stuff. 🙂
    #5 made me grin.
    #6 Amen, sister!
    #7 and #8 Right there with you.

  2. You are the proactive one, aren't you? I love that you tagged yourself.
    1. A stick. A stick? A stick!
    4. and 5. I just don't even know where to start.
    7. and 8. We could be soul sisters, except for that 4. and 5. duo.

  3. I'm so glad you told the stick story because I was dying to hear it!!! That is a great story!
    #5 please don't grow your armpit hair so long that it comes out the sleeve of your shirt…
    #7 dido
    #8 I would love to chat with you about this one because I am the same and wondering how that would work in a marriage.
    I can't tell you how much I enjoy you!

    That story always makes me laugh out loud.
    BBOS personally thinks GP would make a great hippie — of course I'm hippy in the wrong way. LOL

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