Vox Hunt: Are You Ready To Rock?

Show us some concert photos.
Submitted by Abigail Road.

This is Amanda Linzy.  This singer/songwriter is taking the biggest risk of her life and has launched out giving music her full attention.  You may hear some of her music here.  My tastes and the tastes of my friend are VERY different but I applaude and promote this gal for her growth and chutzpah as she launches out. 

This post also serve to let you all know I'm alive.  I have had such recent demand on my creative energy that I haven't been writing.  I think it is a case of too many hats.  Some hats should not be swapped during a single, four-hour period (or even in a single work day).  Last Thursday evening it looked like this:

9:00-2:30 – Counselor hat

2:30-5:30 – Administrator

6:15-7:25 – Administrator/pastoral caregiver

7:30-8:00 – Worshiper

8:15-8:45 – Teacher

9:00-10:30 – Relational, small group leader (but I had help for this since I was fried)

Today, after staff meeting, I am hoping to spend some time working on my revised testimony.

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4 thoughts on “Vox Hunt: Are You Ready To Rock?

  1. Glad to see you back GP have been missing your humor and wit. I've been praying about your "hat" situation. I hope things will begin to calm down for you a bit.
    Be blessed Sista…. uh for some reason the link didn't work to take me to the music.
    Luv ya muchly

  2. Oh, things are going to taper off. I don't teach for about four weeks probably. That'll help. I'm not quite back. So many great posts to read and so much good news but no time to read.

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