Vox Hunt: Can’t Live Without

Show us something you can't live without.
Submitted by awkwardidity.

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23 thoughts on “Vox Hunt: Can’t Live Without

  1. Your comment disappeared but you were asking how to post a pic without adding to your pics? Right? I don't know the reasons but the pic has to be formatted for the web…so if you upload to one of your photo accounts you can do it that way or, the stealing version, is right click on the pic that is on the web and paste it to your deal.

  2. Yeah… I can't live without fried chicken either.and biscuits … and gravy:::mmmmmm::::I hope the Holy Spirit knows I am playing… and is ok with that. 🙂

  3. I guess I was a smart child because I never ate chicken livers or gizzards or any of that stuff. Why, I don't know, because I ate a lot of hot dogs…
    GP, that's a great image. It's very inspirational.

  4. I know now. But I guess when I was little I just knew that chicken livers looked icky, while hot dogs were "attractively packaged". I have changed my tastes a little — I eat beef hot dogs now. Mmmm…especially those big ol' kosher dogs you get at baseball and hockey games!!

  5. LOL. I love hot dogs. Unfortunately, at our house we buy Oscar Meyer's Fat Free dogs which are not dogs at all. I'm thinking, "Why eat them!" So, I went to a local hot dog restaurant this week and had a footlong dog with chili, onions, relish, catsup, mustard…. yum!
    I don't mind that we've digressed from the original post. I haven't been posting for several days.

  6. What a tag group, GP! I still eat chicken livers, and beef liver. Not often, and I don't cook them, just eat ones prepared by someone else. In California, after donating blood, I would stop at a restaurant near my home and eat a beef liver dinner. Needed iron, don't you know. In Ohio, in my early 20s, I called my mom long-distance once to ask her if I liked pork liver. I had accidentally purchased some. Had been looking at beef, thought that was what I got. I knew my mom had served us liver, but was not very involved in meal preparations, so not sure what animal the liver came from (except the chicken). Turned out, we had been eating pork liver.Okay, before I get kicked out of the neighborhood, no more liver talk. 🙂

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