Days away!  I'm taking Friday and Monday this week.

I'm taking Friday next week.

I'm taking Friday, October 27 through November 5.

I'm thinking that the cumulative days off will be a great help.  I'm looking forward to doing some writing and hope to play the guitar some.  I'll go for a drive.  Hubby and I will sneak away for a day or two.

My favorite artist (mostly because I feel I owe a great debt to her) is coming to a nearby town on Oct 29 and I'm going!

I'm happy for days that are totally off!

Oh, and Tony Bennett is coming to Oklahoma and I'm going if the tickets are still there on Friday.

Oh, and I'm turning 45 (Yikes!  But I feel so young!) somewhere in all of this.  (It seems that being a late bloomer has its benefits.)

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26 thoughts on “Finally!

  1. HOORAY! Sounds like a wonderful idea. "Down time" is so very important. May you be relaxed, rejuvenated and invigorated from this wondrous time of refreshing.You are young!! You will always be younger than me — and I am young. :-)LOVE the visual in this post.

  2. You are FINALLY getting some "off" time!!! I rejoice with you! Yippeeeee!
    I'm with Gloria, great visual!
    Welcome to 45. What's a number anyway? I don't FEEL 45! What's it supposed to feel like anyway?!
    Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear GP, Happy Birthday to you!…… and many more! Clapping and whistling and hugging and eating cake and ice cream and celebrating YOU! God bless you in the year ahead. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I can't tell you that 45 isn't bad, Anita. Alas, I am not good about birthdays anyway but all the fives and zeros are especially iffy for me. I can tell you that Jesus will still be on His throne when I turn 45.

  4. Time off is awesome!!!! I'm glad you get to have some. I hope it's wonderful for you and that the Lord speaks into those times in powerful and refreshing ways.You're cool, GP. I'm glad I know you.

  5. Happy time off! Happy Birthday! Happy seeing your fave artist! Happy getting tickets to see Tony Bennett! Why am I so suddenly envious?
    Oh, and I am "thaaaaaaat old", but I don't feel it either.

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN ADVANCE GP – I'M THRILLED ABOUT THE TIME OFF YOU ARE GETTING… I can only recommend that you give your cell phone those exact same days off… maybe it needs a rest too. LOL
    Have some down time… take a drive…
    ::::: on my knees praying for some good rain for you to drive in – cause me knows you like that wet stuff :::::
    Praying you have a PEACEFUL – QUIET (which are two completely different experiences) – and that you and hubby have a chance to really have a great time to bond.
    (((((((((((( GP & HUBBY )))))))))))))

  7. Do you still sit on the floor sometimes? Do you still listen to rock music? (Soft Rock counts.) Things like that and your'e a young person who happnes to have 45 years of life wisdom.

  8. That's great! Yes, I am a floor-sitter. I listen to rock but my favorite folks from the old days (Jethro Tull, Emerson Lake & Palmer, King Crimson and the like) have mellowed some. For instance, Ian Anderson (from Jethro Tull) has an album Rupi's Dance that is a favorite right now. The soft rock comment is funny. I don't think I would've called it that in the 70's. But, yes, I listen.
    Thanks for the comment. I think I'll put Queen on and give it a listen!
    Last weekend I listened to records for two days! I was working on home projects and the records seemed good.

  9. I would love to fill the order of A steak dinner with a stressed out hostess and have you and hubby over for a good steak dinner. I'll try not to be so stresssed out — I'll even attempt to be relationa!
    Steak – baked potato – portabella mushy's with provolon cheese – side salad – beverage of your choice.
    AND I could also go with a Bbreakfast out with a friend also.
    Would LOVE it if you would allow me to fill either or BOTH of these requests.

  10. Yes, GP, I don't like to go to crowded places, so I rarely see people in concert. But I am envious of anyone who gets to see Tony Bennett. My niece, a couple of years ago when she was just 19 or so, was amazed that I had CDs of Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. (But she also asked me when she was 5 if we had electricity when I was little.) It really blew her mind when I dragged out some old record albums of theirs. Evidently, they've become quite the faves of the younger set.
    I missed Martha Stewart on Friday. I guess you're right, he is the last of the that era, isn't he?

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