How Susan Could Tell It Was A Girl


17 thoughts on “How Susan Could Tell It Was A Girl

  1. Mrs. Mantis: "What's that on your face?"
    Penny Mantis: "It's mandiblegloss."
    Mrs. Mantis: "It's too red for you. People will think you're a Praying Strumpet. Now go take it off."
    Penny Mantis: "I'm already 3 months old!"
    Mrs. Mantis: "I don't care how old you are. As long as you're living in my shrub, you'll do what I say."
    Penny Mantis: "But all the female mantids are wearing it!"
    Mrs. Mantis: "I don't care. When you're old enough to move out, find a mate, and eat him, then you can wear whatever color mandiblegloss you want."
    Penny Mantis: "I hate you! I wish you died last winter when all the other adults died!"
    Mrs. Mantis: "I was hoping for grandmantids before I go, but I guess I'll die without."
    Penny Mantis: "I'll never find a mate the way you control me."
    Mrs. Mantis: "Yeah, yeah, now go wash that crap off. And you just stop rotating your head at me, young lady!"
    Penny Mantis: (stomping slowly off) "Awwwwlright! I'll be the only mantid without mandiblegloss!"
    Mrs. Mantis: "Boo hoo. And while you're at it, take that bow off. It's falling into your eyes."
    Penny Mantis: (mumbling) "So what, I have five of them."
    Mrs. Mantis: "I can hear you!"

  2. :::::: Outloud belly laughing ::::::: :::: …. reading Maureens story and still laughing OUTLOUD ::::
    This absolutely cracks me up! What a creative little neighborhood we have!!!
    Thanks for the great start to my day!
    ::: still laughing outloud :::
    GP…… I've just marked this as a favorite!

  3. Look, I have trouble enough with my roundy-roundy chair as it is without you making me fall off it laughing! Thanks for cheering me up on what is, here, a cold day with sunshine and heavy showers.

  4. Hey there Bookmole. Thanks for flying by my blog and having a little fun with us. Sorry about the weather. We've had a little bit of discussion about that lately here. Sorry you ended up on the floor on such a cold day.

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