Wisdom Needed

Well, I've been prayerfully considering just how deeply I should go into the fray of the gays v. "so-called ex-gays" debate.  I've decided to respond to two people who have been writing.  One of them has been messaging me through VOX based upon what they "sense" (yeah, like it takes discernment!) is my association with Exodus.  The other is writing at my work.

The wisdom I have so far is to mainly limit my comments to my experience and to God's transforming power in my life.  However, I think I am suppose to ask them to explain the summary comments they make about Exodus and Exodus-type ministries.  (These come in the form of summary statements and never in the form of questions.)

I would prefer to be the nice gal and fly under the radar most of the time but, alas, my testimony is out there all the time and THAT ALONE puts me into a controversial place with the Enemy.

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