In Favor of Small Venue Players


I want to thank the young church, Summit Foursquare Fellowship, for hosting in Margaret Becker.  She is an incredible player and the room at Summit was intimate and appropriate for this acoustic set.

Thanks to Marci Isaacs for lending your guitar to Maggie so she could have that Epiphone in the alternate tuning all night.  Marci, your guitar filled the room.  Nice axe!  Anyway, thanks also goes to Lisa Blankenship for initiating this and having Margaret in.  I guess it is true:  "Ask and you shall receive."  Thanks to Pastor Devon Deatherage for making the place safe and true.  I can't wait to visit with you guys some Sunday. (Thursdays are rarely available for me so it'll have to be a Sunday.)

I met some great folks from among the Summit group.  They've worked at making the foundation safe and sure.  I think they'll prosper as a church and release many committed, solid, un-hypocritical, and equipped men and women into the world.  May the Lord give you souls for your interitance.

The concert set was excellent really.  The pieces were all arranged for solo guitar and the new stylings of some of the tunes from the 80's and 90's were very current and full.  I didn't miss the band one little bit.  Her voice and stage presence were perfectly suited for such an intimate venue.  The woman can sing!!  I always thought she was good but her voice is really great right now. 

These acoustic sets really fit the times of the acoustically driven worship and all but her level of skill on the guitar is really uncommon.  She is an artist and whichever part you break down, she comes out an artist.  She can write the songs and sing them.  She can play the songs and fill the room with color and energy.  She is a communicator.  She is a worshiper.

She has been around too long to be able to play all the songs that people love but I felt grateful that she didn't do a little medley of her songs to tide me over.  The lyrics are really too strong to be cut down.  So, I was content to have some songs missing from the set.  I was happy to hear that new music is coming out this winter.  I was thrilled to hear she was going to return this Spring to Summit for a weekend.  (I'm going!  Sign me up!) 

Let me praise what I have noticed about this woman.  She is doing everything she can to walk humbly and to live from the heart and close to the skin.  There was not even a hint of presumption in her.  People who had lunch with her say she is the real deal (Hey, you coulda invited me, eh?)  She is mentoring others…writing…using her maturity and longevity to give some real life to others.  That's just great by me.  I just figured out that I should be doing that myself only Margaret is old in God and, well, I'm a teenager in God.

My shocking revelation of myself is that I am able (at nearly 45) to be star struck again and again by this women.  There is not even ONE other artist for whom I feel this level of gratitude or admiration.  Golly!  Will I ever grow up?

A few friends came along with me tonight.  A few didn't make it.  My best friend, Gayle, got sick and was out.  Another friend, Tari, was unable to find this little, hidden venue.  I never heard from a couple more.  We had a great time with Robert and Darla (Handsome and I have known Robert for a long time) and My_BBOS.  The five of us managed to hook up at Van's Pig Stands Bar-B-Q Restaurant. 320 North Porter, Norman, OK, 73071.  Phone 405-364-0600. Great Barbeque since 1994.Van's Pig Stand (Yum!) and have a meal before heading over to the concert.

Thanks for the gum, Robert!

Thanks for the pic of me with Margaret, Linda!

Thanks for making me laugh, Darla.

I love you, Handsome!

I'm posting this and going to bed now.

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3 thoughts on “In Favor of Small Venue Players

  1. This post is great and so is the other one with all the photos (the one of you and MaggieB is especially good!). Great links in both also. I Really like her website and her song, "Create in me". That must have been awesome to experience the small, intimate, acoustical venue with MaggieB, your hubby and friends!
    What a nice birthday present! God was smiling on you. 🙂
    Near the end of MaggieB's more indepth bio (her website) it's written: "To empower and encourage people." It's what she deems her life mission.
    With your post and your sharing what you have I believe she is fulfilling her mission.

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