Some say, “Lucky.” Some say, “Blessed!”

When I started out to make a plan to go see Margaret Becker in Tulsa, OK, I invited my little sister and fairly begged her to go to the event with me where Becker would be playing.  It was to be a retreat called Coming Up for Air and I just KNEW I would enjoy that to the absolute max.  I gave my sister all the enthusiastic hype I could manage telling her I would pay for us to stay in the conference hotel and we'd have a great time.  But, as things would be my sister discovered it was a singles retreat and, while I was MORE THAN WILLING to go anyway, the retreat was ruled out.  Not only that but I crossed it off my absolutly desired places to be the weekend before my 45th birthday. 
Forward now just a couple of weeks!  I get this message on my MySpace site from some chick from a town south of mine and she is informing me that Margaret Becker is coming to Summit Foursquare Fellowship and she thought I'd like to know.  I didn't know this chick from…well…I didn't know her!  But, she was right!  I REALLY DID want to know that Margaret was going to be someplace nearby.  As luck/blessed would have it, she was going to be in this nearby town on the desired weekend and I placed the Margaret Becker Concert in Norman on my list of absolutely desired places to be the weekend before my 45th birthday.
So, tonight was the night…this was the weekend…the happening happened and I'm going to have to write more tomorrw.  This was fun to get hyperlink happy.  I am LUCKY!  Margaret Becker came to Norman for me. (Let's assume that what I'm saying is true.)  What a nice present from God for my birthday!
Oh!  We were only about 9 feet from her the whole concert! 

She is a versitile and skilled player who brought color and rhytmn into the music
without a band present.  SO nice!

She is able to listen and respond with absolutly NO hint of posing or "tolerating"
the many (like me) who feel compelled to tell her just how much her music means
to them.
This is GuitPicken61, MaggieB, and Handsome! 
This is something of hers.

Just Come In

Margaret Becker



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6 thoughts on “Some say, “Lucky.” Some say, “Blessed!”

  1. That is too, too cool! A couple of counselors of mine (yes, I required two) turned me on to Margaret Becker a long time ago, though I haven't listened to her in awhile.
    Loved the pictures. Handsome is very tall.
    I listened to your audio of hers, "Just Come In". Can we say synthesized? Seriously, though, I love the way she kinda whispers the song, sounds intimate.

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