My City’s Newest Museum


Today I didn't work.  (I have mentioned that I was on vacation, haven't I?)  Handsome and I were both home and chose to go to our city's newest museum. It is actually a new building and a major freshening-up from the old building a few blocks away.  It is the Oklahoma History Museum and it is really nice.  I'm proud of it and this was my first visit.

There were some favorite moments for me today.  One area was devoted to Oklahoma's broadcast media.  This area held some pleasant surprises for me.  One thing that was great to see was the Foreman Scotty exhibit.

Man!  This was fun to see.  I was on this program once and remember very little of the experience.  I watched the show devotedly.  They have a mock-up of the set for the show.  It was close enough to trigger my memories of how the room was set up, camera placement, where I was sitting, where Woody the Horse was placed and that I didn't win the golden horseshoe, the penny, time on the horse or any such thing.  I think I was there for the birthday party for a friend. 

There was also a little bit from a local clown called Ho Ho and his sock-puppet friend, Pokey.  They had the mailbox and the puppet.  Nice!  Loved it.

There was an area dedicated to daily living and I really enjoyed the area with the modern pink kitchen with Maytag appliances and all.  SO retro!  This area included some other things like atom bomb safety training films ("Duck and Cover"), tornado history, oil boom history, and some interesting artifacts from prisons, courts, politics and such.  Fun to see and very well done.

There was a detailed history of Oklahoma's racial diversity and I enjoyed my first view of the heritage of the African American in Oklahoma.  There is an area of my town called Deep Deuce that is under major renovation and restoration.  It was a thriving center for the black culture at one time and the center of commerce and entertainment.  This same exhibit had information about the Tulsa race riots which I've only heard about in the last 10 years or so.  I am challenged to find some material and read up.

There was an area devoted to Oklahoma businesses that I loved to see like Beverly's Chicken-in-the-Rough.  It had the old sign from Kotche's Dance Studio as well.  I went there a couple of times with my friends, Tim and Teresa.  It was the kind of place where you could learn to dance and then dance. 

The Smithsonian has loaned our museum the space capsule of Gemini 6 and some artifacts.  Oklahoma has had a number of noteable astronauts but off the top of my head I can think of Shannon Lucid, Leroy Gordon Cooper, and Tom Stafford.  There were others but I am forgetful.

I enjoyed the beauty of the place and though I'm not a good photographer with my baby digital camera, I thought I'd include some others.











I suppose that is enough.  I hope the pics are fun.

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3 thoughts on “My City’s Newest Museum

  1. As a kid, we had a program called Captain Eleven. From what I can remember, the Captain kind of looked like Mark Twain (of course) and had a big old ship wheel center stage like they were floating down the Mississippi River. He had a sidekick who was called "Cookie" and wore a (blue?) sailor suit. Cookie grew up to be a St. Louis reporter. I don't remember what happened to the Captain.
    That museum looks like fun.

  2. That was cool how a pleasant memory was recalled while at the museaum (Foreman Scotty exhibit and a friends b-day party)
    Speaking of a b-day……
    ************************** !!!! Happy Birthday, GP !!!!! ****************************

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