While I Was Driving

Well, actually, Handsome was driving.  We drove south on Highway 177 in Oklahoma.  This was in the property of a welding shop.  Since we tend to be interested in so-called roadside attractions, I asked H. to  turn around and go back so I could try photographing this.


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9 thoughts on “While I Was Driving

  1. Wow!! I would love to see this up close!! Way cool.HAPPY BIRRRRRRRTHDAY DEAR GP! HAAAAAAPPY BIRRRTHDAY TOOOOO YYYYOOOOUUUU! (I'm adding a little harmony to Cheryl…and since we're kind of on either side of you geographically, then take note that it's also in stereo!)

  2. Yeah, TQL, it is better than THOSE billboards. However, the "only in Oklahoma" part…well, you'd be surprised! The link for roadside attractions in this post will tell you that strangeness is everywhere!

  3. Um, it was pointed out to me that cur has bad implications like inferior and all. I meant cur in only the nicest, strongest, most capable of curish ways…more like tough dog. Wow! Am I going to have to pull out a dictionary before I use words? Have I gotten THAT rusty?

  4. Although we don't use the word "cur" in our house – instead, we use "uniquely blended" – The Boss was extremely flattered that you thought she was mean and vicious.

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