On Miscarriage: By Moonflower

This will be one of a small series of posts of collected writings about the pre-term loss of a baby.  I am making these posts "public" fare.  If you ever encounter someone who has miscarried or has lost their child shortly after birth, you may hook them up with these posts if you think it will help.  These various things have helped me this year.

This first one one written by an old friend who blogs under the name, "Moonflower."

Baby Faith

Though we could not meet you

Nor see the sweetness of your face

We know that we shall greet you

By HIS mercy and HIS grace

When we, at last, cross over

Unto the other side

To be with Blessed Jesus

The One who for us died.

We shall then discover

He has bottled every tear

Bound up every heartache

And cast down every fear.

Though we could not greet you

Nor see the sweetness of your smile

We know that we shall meet you

In yet a little while…

sapphires from moonflower

This poem was originally written for someone else who had lost their baby pre-term. I did get to hold our tiny perfectly formed baby in my hand…that's how tiny…in the palm of my hand. An amazing experience of both grief and awed amazement at God's creation. Also, a reality lesson to my oldest girls, who at a very young age, learned that it truly isn't "just a blob of tissue"…they saw their little sister…her little features and the little peaceful smile on her face.

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