While I Was Driving…

Kissed by the morning sun!  It was early and the sun was just coming up and I was heading out to vote.  This was snapped by my little cell phone.  I'm pretty impressed how it handled the low light situation.  Anyway, autumn is finally here in my town.  It should be here for about 5 minutes!  We don't get lingering autumn weather.  Our autumn/winter transition is almost undetectable and our weather is generally too mild.


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12 thoughts on “While I Was Driving…

  1. That is a nice cell phone picture. Some trees here still have some color, but it's fading fast, and many are already "nekkid". Starting to look like winter.

  2. GP, I hope Amanda answers your question, because…what do you mean "those other trees"? And are the national parks like a big tree supermarket where you can go "get them"?
    And by the way, your new picture is soooo funny when paired with some of your comments now.

  3. That's a great pic! Until you said you snapped it with a cell phone, I would have never guessed. (Until maybe clicking to get full size picture anyway. The trees here in Georgia have been very beautiful this year as well.

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