Transplant Update for My_BBOS – Tues Evening

Hello everyone!  This is GuitPicken61 bringing you a
Tuesday evening update from
Tonight's update is ALL good news!  Barbara is doing amazingly well and George is absolutely doing everything he should do!  Her "numbers" are good.  The urine output is great!  Her demeanor is great!  Her coloring is great.  She looks beautiful.  All day she has done very well.  She has only had the mildest of discomforts and is eating pretty much whatever she desires. 
Barbara's daughter, Mandy, was commenting that it will be strange to have removed most of the normal dietary restrictions that they've lived with as a family.  Things like trips to dialysis, dialysing potatos (soaking them numerous times to remove starches), the stripped feeling following dialysis and, sometimes, the day after.  Other changes will be the ability to urinate.  I was told tonight that it has been over a year (maybe a few years) that Barbara hasn't been able to really "go" like other people.  This is a side effect of dialysis.
There is speculation that Barbara may be able to go home sooner than originally thought.  Pray that she'll go home just as soon as she is able.
The update on My_BBOS is that she is doing well.  She is able to get up and down pretty easily.  She has had an easy day and had only had one dose of pain medication the whole day.  It was only as the evening progressed that she became uncomfortable and needed medication.  That is good.  The expectation is that she'll be able to leave tomorrow.  They are waiting for some bowel functions to produce and then she should be ready to go.  You may pray for a bowel movement.  (Strange, huh?) 
Barbara and My_BBOS thank you for all your prayers and for all the visits.
I have a request that those of you who have been praying with My_BBOS through these updates please write back with a short note of encouragement for Barbara.  I'll get them to her.  I think she'll enjoy having them.  I took your notes to My_BBOS today.
I'll be seeing them again in the morning.
Okay.  That's it for the evening.


Transplant Day

Hello everyone.  My_BBOS was successfully separated from George, the kidney, and George is safely installed in his new home.  BB's sister is doing exceedingly well and producing all good things that kidneys produce and LOTS of it.  (This is very good.)  Both women are resting well.
BB's day was MUCH longer than anticipated as George, the kidney, was very attached to her.  It took many hours to detatch him ( 7 or so hours) and it only took a few (3 hours, maybe) to install him in the sister.
They welcome your prayers still, but I wanted you to know how they were.

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8 thoughts on “Transplant Update for My_BBOS – Tues Evening

  1. This is wonderful news!
    Barbara! I'm so glad you are doing so well! šŸ™‚ You have a new lease on life! We are continuing to pray for you and Linda here in Indiana.

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