Transplant Update for My_BBOS Friday Morning

Check for further updates here.

Friday Morning

My_BBOS was released from the hospital yesterday afternoon.  She is recovering well and is in my home for the time being.

Her sister is recovering well but I've composed a prayer list regarding her recovery.  If you are so inclined, you may pray with us for these requests.  We are uncertain whether she will be released today or not.

Doris (the mother) sent home to Seminole yesterday and I expect she'll rest happily there for a few days.  She is feeling better, I think.
Barbara is doing well.  There are several specific things that need to be prayed for her.  I'm going to begin a specific prayer list here….
*  Pray that Barbara will be willing to and able to drink fluids.  (She has been strictly forbidden to drink for a very long time because it meant strong consequences in dialysis.  She has simply forgotten how to drink normally.)
*  Pray that Barbara will eat.  (She is reluctant and passive about the foods and now they are absolutely necessary for her recovery.)
*  Pray that Barbara will strengthen.  (She is passive about activity because she has been so inactive for so long.  This isn't laziness.  This is a direct result of being so sick for so long.)
*  Pray that Barbara will find willingness to begin to take care of herself and her interests.  (It has been many years since she has been able to care for herself.)
*  Pray for urinary and bowel functions.  (It has been years since she has been able to evacuate normally as these were usual complications of renal failure.  This will be like learning to toilet again.)
*  Pray for Kenneth, Mandy, Ashley and Doris as the whole family system has been geared to Barbara's schedule and needs for many years.  The family revolves around illness and now they need to make transitions.  This will bring conflict at times.  They may not know how to relate without the illness.  Barbara is use to being served but will soon need to take more care for herself in order to be healthy with George.  This is especially true for Mandy as she has devoted herself and her interests solely to Barbara's care.  This is not going to be easy for the family.  Pray for them all.
As of Thursday afternoon, they were still talking about letting Barbara go home Friday.  You'll receive an update then.


Thursday Morning Update:

We got good results last evening and the required "poo" was produced so we are expecting that My_BBOS will be released sometime after 1:00 this afternoon.  She'll be with my family for a few days until she is able to go spend time with her family.

It is expected that Barbara will be going home on Friday.  She is doing spendidly well.  The past couple of days she has been experimenting with foods that have been forbidden to her.  There are no restrictions on her diet and that is really exciting.

Guys, this is miracle stuff!  The kidney is working perfectly in its new home and all of Barbara's "levels" are normal!

Thier mother Doris still isn't feeling well but they convinced her to spend another night with their Aunt.  I stopped by to visit with Doris and the Aunt and they semed to be enjoying each other.  Doris is still uncomfortable but I think she has rested and relaxed some.  It must be incredibly stressful to have one daughter so sick…life hanging in the balance…seeing both daughters go through surgery at the same time…

Check for further updates in this blog.

Wednesday Morning Update:

As of this morning it looks like My_BBOS will not be released today.  She is dealing with a great deal of bowel pain due to the disturbance of the bowel from the removal of the doner kidney.    They are going to try to motivate her bowel to release some the gas…and they are speculating that tonight might mean additional assistance to get things moving internally.  I think she is really ready to be out of the hospital.

Additionally, her mother is not feeling well today and is begging to go home.  Nobody want to take her back to the hometown since she is able to stay with a relative here in the city. 

Barbara, however, is doing spendidly and we may all really rejoice that George, the kidney, is loving his new home!

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