Transplant Update for My_BBOS Sunday Morning

Update 1:45:  They are still giving Barbara the fluids.  The expect to release her this evening.  The doctor told them to quit babying her…nag her to eat and drink…push…take the gloves off and fight her.  The daughter who has been serving her is having a hard time making her mother do for herself instead of helping her all the time.  Also, she needs to get off all pain medications which she has been on for years.

Update 11:15:  The initial diagnosis is severe dehydration.  It is obvious that the prayer needs continue.  At this time is does not look like rejection.

Update at 10:47 a.m.:  Barbara was rushed to the hospital this morning.  She has not been able to keep her nausea pills down and is throwing up a lot.  This is not good.  We'll post here with an update.

Things got really crazy for our family on Thursday afternoon.  My_BBOS was released a day later than first anticipated and was released around 3:30 from the hospital…The gang from my work has been exceedingly busy for many weeks but after our 30th anniversary party last weekend I went into the transplant deal with My_BBOS… Okay, rambling here….anyway, the gang from work was occupied next with our co-worker's wedding THIS weekend…and I was singing in the wedding along with my good friend, CJ.  Anyway…rambling…crazy!!!!

My_BBOS is recovering.  She needs to go for a walk and move around more. Her surgery was so long…

Okay.  We've got lots of good to report for her sister, Barbara.

Barbara went home on Friday evening.  They're tired. 

Barbara has not moved around much.  She isn't eating or drinking much…this is going to take some time.  The things she needs to do and that need to be prayed for her and for the family are here.

I think My_BBOS will update everyone soon.  I'm sure what she shares will be different.  She is, afterall, the one who went through it.

The whole gang (and our family too) appreciate your prayers.

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4 thoughts on “Transplant Update for My_BBOS Sunday Morning

  1. You've been a busy person, under a tad bit of stress… all good but still stressful, huh?
    Really thankful the surgery is over and both are recovering nicely. Thank you, Lord.
    I will continue praying.

  2. The fact that the doctor told them to quit "babying" her is a really good sign. Thanks for the updates, GP. They've been in our prayers, but it's nice to have some specific things to pray for also.

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