Mr. Anthony Dominick Benedetto


On Sunday night, Mr. Tony Bennett came to our nearby sister city of Tulsa where Oklahoma's Centennial Celebrations began this weekend.  The Tulsa Children's Chorus and Tulsa Youth Chorale opened for Mr. Bennett with several numbers appropraite for the centennial celebration.  (We are Oklahoma!  We've got a state song that was written by Rogers & Hamerstein!) 

This thing was excellent.  Our seats were good and we were in the upper level.  There is nothing like seeing a performer like this in 3-D!  He was able to play to the entire venue and made a large room feel quite nice.  His set-up was simple using a small combo with piano, rhythm guitar, acoustic bass and drum set.  Perfect!  He was gracious and grateful for the 60-years he's had to perform.  His stories gave credit to other writers and performers and made his success seem very much like luck or, maybe, providence.

I'll brag a moment on the young performers as well.  My niece, Allison, is with the Tulsa Youth Chorale and they really are blessed to have such an opportunity as to share the stage with Bennett.  Allison was very visible in the center of her group standing 2nd row from the back.  I'm so proud of this for her.

Tony was on the television tonight but the doorbell rang.  It was my next door neighbor, Shannon.  She had big news.  Her husband, L, got saved this week and is very excited about what God is doing.  Shannon received the Lord around 3 months ago.  I love this stuff.  So, I missed Tony on television but was thrilled with the interruption.

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3 thoughts on “Mr. Anthony Dominick Benedetto

  1. Tony Bennett, your niece Allison, your neighbors getting saved!….. what could be better? Well, maybe DVR w/ TiVo to be able to see Tony on T.V. too! đŸ™‚

  2. Tony on TV was good, but that interruption was better. You got to see him in person, so the TV special would not have been "special" to you, I believe.

  3. How great for you! I saw the special on TV too….am considering getting the DVD. Tony's a classic, and such a class act. I wish we could say the same for all of our American music "celebrities".

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