Thanksgiving…or, Turkey Day in the United States


17 thoughts on “Thanksgiving…or, Turkey Day in the United States

  1. Whoa! Thatsa lotta turkey face! I heard that the president gave a turkey a pardon, and an alternate turkey just for good measure. The turkey's name is Flyer. The alternate's name is Fryer.

  2. Yikes! This guy's "cute challenged". I will eat a very small piece of one of his relatives, and balance it with dressing, cranberry sauce and veggies, therefore convincing myself that I can still eat healthy on a holiday. LOL

  3. So many secret codes for laughing!
    Okay…so I assume LOL is laughing out loud? or laughing over lunch sounds more fun.
    I'll have to ask my teenager for a refresher course in 20th Century grammar…seems I'm a bit behind.

  4. Are you making that up? You ask for the head? Did you ever get it? And eating it didn't deter you but seeing this picture DID? I can't talk, though. I've been known to eat stranger things than that, with absolutely no regret.

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