The Tree

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We've got winter weather and it's still autumn!

Handsome and I went out and found a tree.  Our first year married we went to a tree farm and cut one down.  Last year we skipped the Christmas festivities.  This year it was a trip to Lowe's.  It was still fun.  We brought the critter home and found that our tree trunk was too large for the stand we had…so back to the store for a stand that would hold our tree.

We only have one criteria so far for the kind of tree we look for.  It must be taller than H.

We only have one criteria for decorating.  It must have LOTS of big bulb lights.

After we get those things out of the way, we go after the decorating.  H. likes tinsel.  I like TONS of ornaments.  We both like the memories attached to some of the ornaments.  For both of us the tree is about sentiment.

H. turns FORTY this week and we'll have folks in to celebrate this weekend.  It'll be nice to have the house decorated.

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9 thoughts on “The Tree

  1. Great tree GP…lots of light is ALWAYS a good thing!
    We're holding out for B to come home before we decorate. She loves decorating for Christmas and I couldn't imagine doing it without her. December 15th is the big day!

  2. Nice tree.Decorating the tree was always a big deal at our house. My parents tell us the story every year about how they always had us kids decorate it and then, after we went to bed, they would have to go back and evenly distribute the ornaments. as the top was bare.Tell H (It's very weird calling another woman's husband 'Handsome', btw, so I'd better just call him H) Happy Birthday.

  3. That's funny. H's ornaments mostly go to the top. Maybe I should've waited until he went to bed before I redistributed. 🙂 I'm kidding here.
    I call him "H" here so that some of his true identity is protected.

  4. Cold and snowy and icy, much as it is for you, I imagine. I hate that we're having this bad weather so early in the year (for us, anyway). It makes me dread the next 3 months. Brrrrrrr…stay warm out there.

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