Handsome is FORTY today.  I've also heard that Ragamuffin turns 40 today too.  I'd pity these good men but I'm 45 and have no place to talk.

Today my husband makes me an honorable woman once again.  Since we are five years and one month apart in age, we've spent most of our friendship, courtship and marriage in different decades.  Most of the time it isn't a problem.  SOMETIMES it is a problem…a BIG problem.

One of the places I notice the problem is with music from the 80s.  We do not share the same memories of music.  We do not wax nostalgic about the same music.  We did not like the same groups. He clearly loves the music of the 80s and I, well, I am a 70s chick.  Where H might like and know the music of Cher, I am going to know the music of Sonny and Cher.  Where he might know Hall & Oates, I am going to know Seals & Croft. 

This happens with 80s movies too.  I'm missing at least five years from the 80s movies.  For me, the movies didn't reappear until the late 80s.

I suppose we are all marked by the music that was popular when we were in teens but, honestly, H and I were not teens at the same time.  The people I graduated with were listening to lots of music but my bands were Jethro Tull, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Queen, The Eagles, BTO, Earth, Wind & Fire, Pat Benatar, Meatloaf, The Electric Light Orchestra, Kansas, Peter Frampton, Neil Diamond, John Denver, and Jim Croce…Captain & Tennille, Bee Gees, Wings…  Our songs were "Blinded by the Light," "Bohemian Rhapsody," "Tonight's the Night," "You Light Up My Life,"Reunited," "Rock with You," "Silly Love Songs," "Shake Your Booty," "Le Freak," ….

and then beside all of that, COUNTRY was cool and was played on Top 40 stations…and MOST of us knew all the words to trucker songs.

Five years isn't much when you are in your 40s but it is strange when I think that…

well, it is just strange…



Wow!  I really got off course.


Handsome turned 40 today.  He reports a nice day.  I'm so glad.  We're melancholies and on a big birthday it could go either way.  I'm glad his was nice.  I had a trick or two up my sleeves for him and his workplace decorated and put signs out…nice.

I just considered it "good" if he had too much attention called to him and he was embarrassed but not ashamed.

He got to party at work and got off early.  Early this evening we went to eat Indian food with our friend, Erich.  Good food.  Good friend.

Friday, we are having a few people over for dinner and games to celebrate the birthday boy.  I sure am lucky.

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3 thoughts on “4TEE

  1. Hope the bday was good…I sent him an ecard!
    I'm totally into the 80 flicks and although I too was reared with the 80's music…I still prefer the 70's stuff!
    Not sure now a days you could sing about "Kung Fu Fighting" or "Rock-n-Roll Hootchie Koo" (what did that mean anyways?) How about those Hillside Singers, teaching the world to sing in perfect harmony!
    Joplin, Dylan, Fogerty…are among some of my favs! I secretly was big into Pink Floyd too.

  2. Jeremy and I are 6 1/2 years apart, and I've noticed the music thing. Our reactions are a little different than yours. He doesn't remember the music of the 80's as well as I do, because he was younger at the time. He gets nostaligic about it, and I'm still tired of it. He can't relate AT ALL with the Christian music of the 70's and 80's. Except he does like Larry Norman.

  3. Oh man! That's true about the Christian music too. I definitely see that when I'm all into Keith Green and The 2nd Chapter of Acts…Farrell & Farrell…Reba Rambo…Paul Stookey…The Talbot Brothers and John Michael Talbot…Evie…(sigh)…

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