Am I Having Fun Yet?

Well, sort of.  Handsome's birthday was Wednesday and he turned 40!  Thursday I had groups…did the music…prayed for worship…hoped that God would meet the people in our groups…prayed I wouldn't screw up the people in my small group.  (I do not consider myself the best choice for leading small groups.)  Friday was the day we had a birthday party for my guy.

Okay.  THAT was hard work for both H and me.  The house needed to be perfect (sorta) and food had to be made.


Baked Chicken Ziti

Steamed squash

Tossed Salad

H had a list of 12 to invite and everyone came!  SO nice!  The list was comprised of newer and older friends.  Don and Calita use to be our Sunday School teachers before they took a pastorate in a nearby town.  Handsome has been meeting with Don weekly for a couple of months.  Cool folks.  Tal and Janet we've known for longer.  Tal and H are in a men's group together but lately we've had a chance to get to know them better and just find them to be easy to talk to and some truly caring folk.  Daryl and Amy are new playmates.  We've been invited to their home a couple of times now and basically had a small snack and board games. THEN there was Erich who has become a terrific friend and H and Erich share MANY interests.  Joe is someone that H trusts and is simply the nicest and most fun man to hang around. Bwusette Wanay Willips who is a great friend and support to me but who really knows how to make fun of old people.  And, finally, my best friend who loves my husband as well. 

We played Cranium and made fun of each other.  What fun.  Really!  The night went REALLY late.  Clean-up…Still cleaning up dishes this morning.

Today I have to go to work and finish preparation for our work Christmas party on Sunday night.

Later this evening we will go back to our nearby favorite town of Guthrie, OK.  For Christmas in Guthrie.  We did this last year and it was a really nice evening.  However, I'm a little tired so the thought of doing this makes me a little tired.

TOMORROW!  Church in the a.m. (I would skip but the SS teacher took a survey of who would be there this week to talk about future plans for class.)  Tomorrow evening is the Christmas party for work. I've got Christmas sing-a-long, fun and festivities…

I'll let you know how the rest of this went.  I'm going to the office now.



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