Guthrie and Things You Don’t See Everyday

I'm posting some video. First is the "Okie Dokie Banjo Band."  This was part of the window scenes on the Guthrie Christmas walk-around.  Really, they're fun.



This next video is of the Guthrie High School choir.  I thought they were very good but the venue was really dimly lit.  Still, the little camera recorded it nicely.  (I'm grateful for 1 GB cards.)


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9 thoughts on “Guthrie and Things You Don’t See Everyday

  1. What do you mean by "window scenes", GP? They look like they are in a gym or something, so I assumed you could walk around town and pop in to different buildings to hear people play like this or sing or see a little play going on.
    Banjos are one of my favorites. You don't hear them played much.
    Thanks for sharing Guthrie with us. I'm thinking road trip next year.:)

  2. Hey Maureen here's a little more info on Guthrie… Territorial Christmas.
    Hope it answers your questions.
    An excellent road trip stop over. Let me know when your coming! I'll give you a personal tour.

  3. My wife, mom-in-law and I were at the Guthrie 'Victorian Walk' too! It was great fun. We went to the 'Territorial Christmas Carol' the same day at 2pm. Have you seen the play? Fun day for everyone. Between the play and the walk we ate at Stables. Yum!

  4. GP and Mz Butterworth, you are making me jealous. I'm wondering if I can't talk a couple of unsuspecting family members into coming with me next year. hee hee
    Thanks for the link, Mz B.

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