Christmas In Guthrie


I've got a lot to show you if you are interested.  Handsome and I had a good time (as usual) at the Christmas In Guthrie walk-around on Saturday night.  There were window scenes with people in period costumes, music everywhere, lights, nice smells and it was all just SO    h o l i d a y!!!   I just played with my camera a lot and enjoyed this relaxing evening.

Downtown Guthrie is made of restored Victorian buildings and they really have created a nice town that functions as a town.  Downtown is functional and isn't just there to attract tourists.  Still, they do know how to attract visitors.


Guthrie 12-2006 042Guthrie 12-2006 039Guthrie 12-2006 033Guthrie 12-2006 024Guthrie 12-2006 019


Guthrie 12-2006 040Guthrie 12-2006 036Guthrie 12-2006 027



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