It is OUR new tradition.  It use to be a tradition of Handsome's mother, Bonnie.  Bonnie went to Jesus in June and it makes the cookie-making much more important.  We called H's sister and asked her for the recipes to Snowball Cookie, Candy Cane Cookie, and Sugar Cookie.  A few days later she sent the original recipe cards.  We were just ecstatic! 


Saturday afternoon we had OUR friend (my best friend), Gaye Dawn over for the cookie event.  We had made the doughs in advance and were ready.  For the next several hours we made these beauties.  We did this last year too but had different cutters and we only made sugar cookeis.  The variety is good. and the afternoon/evening was really nice.


I had some difficulty with the pics up close.  I don't know if the wax paper was just reflecting too much…or the white of the snowballs was causing the "snow" glare….but I had to slightly underexpose them to get pics.  Anyway, there they are.

We've still got a ton to decorate which, I suppose we'll get to this week.  For now, we're working and trying to get the shopping done.  It's busy.  I try not to leave EVERYTHING to the last minute since I do my mother's shopping as well; however, I left it ALL to this week!  That's just crazy, I know! 

I love Christmas!  I love it all!  I love the commercialism!  I love the expense (though that doesn't mean I spent the food budget on presents).  I love the extravagance!  I love the lights and the shimmer!  I love the color and the"permission to stop" that will come in a few days.  I love the family and some of the traditions I've developed over the years.  I'll write on that in a day or two.  So, have a cookie and watch a christmas movie. Sunday evening we watched, "White Christmas" and I was, like. all verklempt! 

Snowball CookiesDecorated Sugar CookieCandy Cane Cookie

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19 thoughts on “CooooKie

  1. In the winter there's lots of snow. It's very chilly but don't you know…
    It's another season, another reason for eatin' cookie!
    Cookie Monsters rendition of "Makin' Whoopee"
    Great job and what a wonderful tradition!

  2. Holy crap! just seeing those pictures I am getting a buzz & feel like I am gonna have a sugar crash in about a half hour!
    I haven't baked cookies in a few years, mainly cuz my oven doesn't work right. 😦

  3. i'm at work, i'm starving, and these pictrues don't help *drool*. you know what? i haven't at all been excited about christmas in a long time but your post just made me feel festive all of a sudden. cheers, i needed that 🙂

  4. Wow, Mz B! Thank you so much for the link. I love it. Thanks for reading the title of the blog out loud so you knew what I was saying. :o)
    Ok, ya'll, go to the link she sent. Great fun.

  5. I love Christmas! I love it all! I love the commercialism! I love the expense… I love the extravagance! I love the lights and the shimmer!
    THAT'S what I'm talkin' 'bout! Me too! Those are some good-looking cookies. Mmmmm…mmmm!

  6. I'm on my way…although…it is warm enough here to rain. The snow is almost gone. AAAAAAHHHHH that global warming thing is true!?!?!?!?!?! :::fainting::: I think I need a cookie.

  7. Rain! Us too! I hope the global warming issues doesn't happen too quickly since you live so close to galaciers. (SO close as opposed to the middle of Oklahoma.) Are you actually IN the Rockies or are you in the foothills? I can't remember my geography. I know you are close, eh?

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