My Journal

Randy suggested that we might want to show each other what our journal looks like.  I thought I'd take the suggestion and show you.

Journaling is very haphazard for me.  It isn't really left up to chance but more disorderly than anything.  I tend to journal wherever I am able so I keep the little spiralbound things around.  I frequently raise questions in my journals and seldom answer the questions.  I record thoughts but seldom complete them.  I explore ideas but rarely put the finished thoughts in them.  It has been that way for a very long time.  The nice, navy blue journal turned out to be intimidating to me.  There was something about its beauty that hindered my random thinking.  I was given a beautiful journal the other night.  It had wooden covers, scripture imprinted on the cover, and a leather (or leather-like) binding.  It is beautiful but I have to wonder what its hopes are.

Okay, so you see the lined spirals, the sketch journal (which I love) and the beauty beneath them all (also one zebra rug).  These accurately reflect my journaling life.

By the way, when I journaled most successfully (from college through 1995) I used a loose-leaf notebook.  I gave me the freedom to add pages as I randomly scribbled on almost anything from napkins to envelopes to receipts…

Love that you guys have been sharing these posts and pics with us.

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10 thoughts on “My Journal

  1. GP, I was joking on another blog about using a green spiral stolen from my niece, but I think the smaller journals in your picture are the EXACT same style that I use. And I use four of them at a time: one journaling, one in my car to make notes about things I see or hear, and two to keep around the house or in my purse for on-the-fly lists. But they all contain pieces of my life.
    I love those books.

  2. Do you save all your journals? I used to journal faithfully before getting married, thinking that someday a special someone would read them. I don't think it's a fault, but Erik prefers me now, and doesn't care to read about 13, 16, 18 year old me… I go back and forth between thinking I should burn them all or thinking I should save them and give them to my daughter one day…

  3. No, I haven't saved them all. There are a few I purged. There were a couple that I trashed. I haven't really ever thought I should offer them to Handsome to read. I did end up reading some old stuff recently. It was a strange revisit.

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