Jack went to be with Jesus on Wednesday morning.  Family was with him.  He had a special pillow that said:  "Anyone can be a father but it takes someone special to be a DAD." 

He was my brother-in-law's daddy.  I didn't know Jack, really.  I'd only visited with him a hand-full of times in my sister's marriage and I simply thought this man was a treasure.

What I remember most about him was in contrast to his wife.  He was really a simple man who worked with his hands and didn't usually talk too much.  He was pretty much a country man and except for the wedding I saw him in work clothes.  His wife, T, was the opposite.  She had lots to say and seemed to shun anything simple or country.  In contrast to Jack, she couldn't rest or visit or relate.  She was managing the environment most of the time. 

They both loved their family.  To their union there were three boys.  The eldest, Jeff, married my sister many years ago.  The other two boys have married more recently.  Jack and T loved their grandkids.  But, Jack, seemed to "adore" his family.

My sister had the privilege of being there when Jack passed away.  This was meaningful to her.  She reports his final words to be preoccupied with his family.  Beautiful. His leaving was peaceful and expected but that doesn't really make it easier, does it?

For my brother-in-law, I grieve.  For Becko and the girls, I grieve.  But, Jack?  Nope.  He went to Jesus.  I wonder what Christmas is like in Heaven?

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