In Consideration of the New Year

Spiritual Goals:

  • To live with greater expectancy of God.
  • To fast with prayer one day each week for the development of quietness, mindfulness, and self-control.
  • To read scripture for the purpose of allowing it to, once again, work in the thoughts and intentions of my heart.
  • To love my calling.

Family Goals:

  • To love my husband well.
  • To visit my mother weekly.
  • To reach out to the relatives I can't get off my mind.

Household Goals:

  • To finally conquer the "office"
  • To be rid of the hordes of cassette tapes that I'll never listen to again.
  • To support my husband in every creative household endeavor.

Work Goals:

  • To climb out of the paper
  • To NOT DO what I should not be doing
  • To DO WELL everything I should be doing
  • To leave work at work.

Career Development Goals:

  • To pursue a wider range of public speaking opportunities.
  • To write.
  • To explore the interests of other women concerning the developement of women's ministry through Exodus. 

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