Simplicity.  I feel simple.  I'm often told that I'm difficult…or complicated…or deep.  I'm accustomed to it.  Still, I prefer that none of these words be used to describe me.

My choice of this word today is tied to the book I began to read this morning.  I read it (years ago) and picked it up yesterday morning telling myself that I would read it.  I told myself that it would be "a nice read" and, that it would be "edifying" to me.  Hruumph!

The Preface!  The PREFACE!…nailed me.

Madam Jeanne Marie Bouvier De La Motte Guyon said of her "little book" Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ that it is written "to those dear, simple followers of Jesus Christ who are not qualified for intensive research but who, nonetheless, desire to be wholly given to God." 

She further says that the message is simple…"that perfection can be easily attained:…

Crucify me, Jesus!  I wrestle at the thought of it!


As an aside I'll tell  you that she implies that the book is written for the unlearned, but I struggle to understand.

As another aside, the book was formerly entitled:

Short and Very Easy Method of Prayer; which all can practice with the greatest facility, and arrive in a short time, by its means, at a high degree of perfection.


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7 thoughts on “Simple

  1. I'm feeling oddly…disquieted…about this. I am not familiar with Madam Guyon, although I have decided that any delay in the book's publishing was most likely due to SpellCheck getting caught on the burrs of her full name.
    I read this post several times, GP. Forgive me for being dense, but…since I agree with her that the relationship and communion should be "simple", I therefore suspect a book that attempts to teach us how to conduct it, and I'm put off by her dedication to "dear, simple followers…who are not qualified for intense research…"
    Have I misinterpreted her intent and perhaps your response to it? I really don't mean to be stupid about this; I am also looking for edification.

  2. [Still love the profile picture!] I can't help associating all of your comments with your profile expression.
    Yeah, I got that, but it seemed, I don't know…maybe I need to look at the book myself. I gather from your response that you have positive feelings about the book, then. That's what matters.

  3. Madam Guyon is someone whose work I've heard a great many wonderful things about. Mysticism is dear to my heart, and I understand she's right in the thick of it. If it fits with your schedules (both outer and inner ones) and inclinations, GP, I'd be very happy to hear your thoughts on this book and writer.
    When was it that she wrote, BTW? I've never had a good grasp time periods.

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