Michael Brecker

Jazz saxophonist, Michael Brecker is dead at 57 years old.  I first heard Brecker on NPR and have loved this music for the past couple of years.  He's been around much longer in jazz land but we have lost all our jazz stations and I had fallen out of the place of being "in the know" with smooth jazz.

It is a loss if you love smooth jazz or sax.

To hear a bit of this artist, you may click through to the myspace page.

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6 thoughts on “Michael Brecker

  1. Oh man…what a loss. It makes you wonder who will rise up and fill the void.
    BTW, I am heavily involved in the Mt. Hood Jazz Festival in Gresham (Portland) Oregon as Operations Assistant. Last summer our headliners were David Sanborn and Chris Botti. Nice.

  2. You're not kidding…"nice." I've got old David Sanborn (on LP no less)…"Voyuer" and "Hideaway." Shortly after that I came under a religious spirit for several years….but, hey, I recovered. Chris Botti can blow his horn, I'll tell you what. I can't imagine what that would be live and on stage.
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  3. Chris Botti was great live. He was at the Indy Jazz Fest two years ago. I walked right along the front of the stage slowly and got a photo. He's easy on the eyes too. 🙂

  4. I'm not a particular fan of smooth jazz, but I saw Mr. Brecker at Zellerbach, and the man was off the hook. I don't remember any of the songs he played, or if any of them were jazz standards, but it was a small group and the style was of the straight-ahead variety. He had some incredible chops and really threw my brain for a loop, even at the back of the hall.In my mind, I can still see him sway and jerk as he belted out phrase after phrase, each one channeling the soul behind all jazz music.

  5. I first heard Brecker on a James Taylor album. I'm not a superfan of smooth jazz, so I liked it when he jammed with some cover bands and rocked it. I know I saw him on Saturday Night Live (while Eddie Murphy was singing as James Brown, I think), and I think I've seen him a couple of times on Letterman. It's a loss to the musical world, for sure.

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