In Consideration of the New Year, Part Deux :0D

I posted recently a list of New Year's goals which seemed important to my general sanity and happiness.  I am going to post updates within the list here.  I have realized that I must renew my commitment to certain goals in order to accomplish them.  (I realized this around the time I was 35 and now I'm 45.)  So, here I go:

Spiritual Goals:

  • To live with greater expectancy of God.  It's taking some intentional focus.  No real progress yet but it is in my focus.
  • To fast with prayer one day each week for the development of quietness, mindfulness, and self-control.  Somehow I skipped this week.  Was it the weather?  Was it my focus on the other goals this week.  Hmmm.  Planning now for a specific day next week so I won't miss it again.
  • To read scripture for the purpose of allowing it to, once again, work in the thoughts and intentions of my heart.  It's a beginning.
  • To love my calling.  A work in progress.  A recent email from a hater caught me off-guard.

Family Goals:

  • To love my husband well.  I think so.
  • To visit my mother weekly.  Haven't done this weekly.  Main issue this week was weather.  Renewed goal:  Go visit.
  • To reach out to the relatives I can't get off my mind.  I've made some calls in the past two weeks.  I've written one note and mailed it.
  • To contact my sick friends.  This is a new goal added today.  I've got GOOD friends who have remained with me who are very ill and a couple of friends with whom I've lost contact who are gravely ill.  SO, I'm calling rather than not calling.  I have talked to two such folks this week and have promised myself and said to my husband that I'll be calling one of them often. 

Household Goals:

  • To finally conquer the "office" Big progress on the homefront office these two weeks.  BIG.  The paper issue is almost to reasonable proportions.  I took some advice that if it is reference material and accessable via electronic media, get rid of it.  This one decision reduced the load by 2/3.  Amazing.  Magazines (which I hoard) are leaving.  I also looked into understanding investmentments…retirement plans…403B contributions…medical files…and have a plan to understand them by June.
  • To be rid of the hordes of cassette tapes that I'll never listen to again. I haven't addressed this.
  • To support my husband in every creative household endeavor.  This might be forever. ::::grinning here:::: He's begun to strip some bedroom furniture I purchased because I thought I might be good quality even though it was turquois.  It is nice.  H is revealing that.  So, I'm supporting him.  :oD

Work Goals:

  • To climb out of the paper  Giant progress made here this week.  I have scheduled another block of time next month to work on it more.  I FEEL GREAT ABOUT IT.  I'm following the same rule…that if I can access the information via electronic media, I do not need to keep it in a paper copy.  I do, hereby, repent of assigning value to every piece of paper, card, note, post-it!
  • To NOT DO what I should not be doing
  • To DO WELL everything I should be doing
  • To leave work at work.

Career Development Goals:

  • To pursue a wider range of public speaking opportunities.
  • To write.
  • To explore the interests of other women concerning the developement of women's ministry through Exodus.



So, there you have it.  I'm on my way.

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