QotD: Rubbing Elbows

Have you ever met any celebrities? Any interesting stories?
Submitted by Tasha.

Frankly, "no."  I don't have any "interesting" stories.  However,

Beginning in 1976, I was a Young Democrat (in Jr. High) and beginning to dabble in things.  That, as you might recall, was the year that Jimmy Carter was elected.  This led to my first brush with fame.  It was Billy Carter.  For those of you who were not old enough to remember, he was the notorious brother of the president. 

 Billy Carter

We shook hands and I sat at the same table with him for dinner.  He was unimpressive, primarily because I was a stupid kid.  At the same event, I met the Vice President of the United States, Walter Mondale.

Oh, but my brushes with the big stars don't stop there.  I have played on-stage with NOT ONE BUT TWO different celebs in my lifetime.  While I was in junior high and early high school I was in two honors orchestras.  It was through these that I met Jana Jae (Oh!  Come on now!  You don't remember her?) who was a Juliard trained country fiddler noted for her petite frame, cute personality, fiddlin' like a house on fire ability and….her blue violin.



Finally, there was the meeting with Victor Borge.  Sharing the stage with him has made me permanently a lover of live music and humor.  I still miss him.  I laugh over the memory of him.  (Come to think of it, I also laugh now at the memory of Billy Carter.)

There you have it, VOXers.  This is GP's noteworthy brushes with fame. Too bad my "real" amazing life was over by my freshman year in high school. 



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4 thoughts on “QotD: Rubbing Elbows

  1. I don’t remember Jana Jae: maybe this is a country thing. Billy Carter I do remember: ever since him, there have always been jokes about ‘the president’s brother’ (though Roger Clinton revived that gag for a whole new generation). Victor Borge, the Great Dane, was unforgettable. He came down to New Zealand in the 1980s for a concert.

  2. I sang with Bob from Sesame Street when I was in high school. He's the "Who are the people in your neighborhood?" guy :)My sister, on the other hand, has met and performed with a ton of famous people.

  3. Two stories ~
    In high school I once road on an elevator with Steve Perry. He was the lead singer of Journey at the time. They were doing a concert down town OKC and I was one of the officers of, now don't laugh, yes the Future Homemakers of America.
    We were having a social event of sorts downtown that day and went underground that hotel where they have the underground restaurants…anyways he hopped on the elevator with us and we all froze and were afraid to say anything. We rode with him all the way to the top floor of the hotel where he was staying and watched him get off. Then we screamed like bunch of wild teenagers after he was out of sight.
    We went back down to ground level and found his tour bus parked outside, you know the one in the videos you would see with Rock-n-Roll on the destination sign? We hung out around the bus for a long time but never saw him again.
    I still regret freezing up and not talking to him.
    I also hung out a year or two with Christa Hillhouse. She was the bass player in the one hit wonders, 4 Non Blondes. (who can name their famous hit?) We partied some back in my party days. Had dinner at each other's homes often and went out together on several occasions. She's since moved from my small community, went back to California then last I heard was in Kansas somewhere.
    Her mother still owns a local antique shop.

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