Victor Wooten and His Bass Guitar

I have enjoyed a group called Bela Fleck and the Flecktones for some years now.  One of the original Flecktones is Victor Wooten who happens to be a really amazing and innovative bass guitar player.  I thought I'd share this with you since, surprisingly, I found that it was out on YouTube anyway.  He happens to be playing an arrangement of "Amazing Grace" but you don't have to be religious to see the beauty of his playing.

You can hear more of the Flecktones here.

Make sure to listen to "The Sinister Minister" at their myspace site.




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18 thoughts on “Victor Wooten and His Bass Guitar

  1. Victor Wooten is amazing. If only he'd spent as much time on his wardrobe as his bassplaying ;)Seriously tho. A bassplaying friend of mine worships this guy. He has the skills but doesn't let them destroy his musicality. IMHO.Benz.

  2. Hi Susan. Bela Fleck and the Flecktones are definitely diverse in what they explore musically. SUCH an amazing exploration of sounds and rhythms… If you get to listen more, you might find a few things you like.

  3. Benzodiazepine! Thanks for stopping by my blog to view this post. Yes! Victor seems to dress strangely but his brother (not sure if it's his blood brother) plays in the band too and they call him Futureman. I think his dressing style is a bit odd too.
    I do appreciate this man's explorations musically. I could watch him play for hours.

  4. Wow, Susan. Are you gonna go to the JazzFest? I use to go to a Bluegrass Festival in Arkansas that was a combo art & crafts thing with a music fest. Everyone camped out and wandered around to various campfires to listen to or play music. (That has nothing to do with the JazzFest but I found myself thinking of past music expereinces. Forgive me, please.)
    I would love to hear Bela Fleck again. I would love it!

  5. Well, come on over then. Bela Fleck is Sunday Night.
    A friend of mine had foot surgery so I mowed her yard through May. She's bribed me to mow one more time and is going to pay for my Jazz Fest ticket. Works for me! šŸ™‚

  6. Sunday night, the 17th, that is.
    GP, it's good to connect with you. I've missed you and hope all is well. Oh, and would you tell your best friend I said, "hello". I enjoyed her the weekend I was there. She's a pretty special person as I'm sure you know.

  7. Hi Susan. I have missed everyone and look forward to settling down in a few weeks. Sickness isn't rest, you know?
    I will sure tell the girl you said "hello." She really enjoyed the weekend.
    I would love to visit again soon.

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