Guilty Pleasures #2 – Humor

I'll say from the beginning that I am apt to laugh at wholesome humor and inappropriate humor.  Humor is, well, humorous.   I offer you four YouTube videos today of songs that I laughed at in the old days. The first one I offer is a "trucker" song.  "Convoy" by C.W. McCall represented all of us in the 70's who were into the citizen's band radios (C.B.).  I remember learning to drive during this time.  Our family would travel and Papa would give the wheel to me.  Then, he would get on the c.b. and start to talk.  One memorable time was: "Breaker, breaker, one-nine.  This is Redhawk.  You got your ears on?"  Static and squaking happened and then a voice would come clearly… "Ten-four, Redhawk-gooood buddy.  This is Wheelwarmer.  I've got my ears on."  Pop then said, "I've got a youngin' on her maiden voyage out here on the I-35.  I'm warning all my gooooood buddies to make a wide path and save your hides."  To this Wheelwarmer replied, "That's a ten-four, Redhawk.  We'll keep our eyes open and get the heck out of your way."  Boy was my dad ever pleased with himself.

 The next songs are "The Streak" and " "Mississippi Squirrel Revival."  Both are recorded by Ray Stevens.  These songs came out around 1974 and I totally loved them.  I expect my reason for liking "The Streak" was that is was a naughty idea to someone in junior high. 

The Streak - Ray Stevens Comedy Classics

The Mississippi Squirrel Revival

The last song is a forever favorite.  "They're Coming To Take Me Away" is a recording I first heard on the Dr. Demento Show in the 70's.  Along the lines of "guilty pleasures" I find myself longing for the old days of the show.  I know that in these modern times what use to be PG rated programming is probably much worse.  Still, all my memories are fond.  Do you remember these: "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park," "Springtime for Hitler," "Beep Beep (Little Nash Rambler)," and "Shaving Cream?"


 Well, that is the post for now.  I hope you enjoy the 70's humor.

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7 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures #2 – Humor

  1. Makes me miss the 70's… well, at least wish I was around more. I didn't show up until the second half. I do remember c.b.'s, though. My grandpa had one- it was neato. 🙂

  2. Okay, I found your post TOTALLY wild since I just posted the following on a website this very evening. It was in response to a friend posting about a president's wife having a CB radio in the white house – a fun fact – that she would talk to truckers passing through.
    This was MY post. Isn't it strange when sisters are thinking about similar things, though not communicating with one another often?
    BREAKER, BREAKER, ONE-NINE!LOL!Candy Kiss here, daughter of Red Hawk!My dad had a CB radio very early on, before it was common to have them in cars. He rigged a special little red lite on the top of our antenna so truckers could identify us. He'd talk to truckers from Oklahoma to Mississippi when we'd travel.My good friend and neighbor had a base unit. My yearbook in junior high is FILLED with little jokes, all related to our times, spending the night at her house, playing canasta, drinking Pepsi and talking on the radio late at night.I can remember a snowstorm. I was sick with a high fever.We were caught in it and on a highway exit ramp, in traffic. That CB radio was a tool my dad used and a trucker helped us by bringing blankets and oil since keeping the heat on in the car for hours and hours was burning oil. I was telling someone the other day about the song CONVOY.

  3. Hello there, Becko! Howz the family? You are supplying part of memories I just don't have. I remember the blizzard and all but not that you were sick. I remember having to "tinkle" in a cup or something…I don't remember my handle. Did I have one?I thought your friend's dad was a Ham operator?

  4. The family is fine. Crazy busy, as usual.
    (see post) Candy Kiss was my handle.
    No, her dad didn't even like talking on it. It was her mom and us girls when we'd go over there. Yes, even boys were encouraged to locate us based on the strength of the signal, and sometimes we'd have late night visitors in for cards – STRANGERS.

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