Four Things…Because I Was Tagged In February And Missed It

Carol tagged me in February and I just found out through Technorati.  Hmmm.  Marvelous.  SO, I am answering her in an attempt to satisfy her curiosity about GuitPicken61!

Four jobs I have had in my life
1. Waitress for Shoney's Big Boy
2. Sub-Contract laborer digging post holes, cleaning up construction, cleaning paint brushes (read this as slave labor)
3. Census taker with Bureau of Census (manual count in Humbolt Co, California)
4. Shelved books at the library

Four movies you would watch over and over:
1. King and I (with Yul Brynner and Deborah Kerr)
2. Always
3. Somewhere In Time
4. The Hiding Place

Four places you have never gone, but want to:
1. Australia
2. England
3. Maine
4. Someplace in Canada…Nova Scotia, British Columbia or Alberta…

Four songs on my iTunes or in my MP3 player (or CD player) right now
1. With Every Breath – Debby Boone
2. Sing to Jesus – Fernando Ortega
3. Matt Redman's "Beautiful News" album
4. Several oldies featuring resurrection themes:

    Easter Song – 2nd Chapter of Acts; Sunday's On The Way – Carman; Was It A Morning Like This – Sandi Patti; He's Alive – Don Francisco; Rise Again – Dallas Holm; Christ the Lord Is Risen Today – Steve Green

Four TV shows I love/like:
1. King of Queens
2. Still Standing
3. Monk (but I never get to see it and I have to catch it on vacations or rent the seasons)
4. Holmes on Homes

Four places you have been on vacation:
1. Chicago
2. New York City/Arlington/Milford and Provincetown, MA/Shenandoah Valley, VA
3. Tahlequah, OK
4. Colorado Springs, CO

Four of my favorite foods are:
1. Any and all Mexican food from Texas
2. Indian
3. General Tso's Chicken
4. Tomato & Mayo sandwich with salt on white bread with a glass of milk

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. any place with water and trees
2. any place with water and trees
3. any place with water
4. any place with trees

Four neighbors I would like to respond— TAG you're it:
Not today. I won't tag.  If you haven't played and would like to, please do and message me or respond here with a link to your blog.

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6 thoughts on “Four Things…Because I Was Tagged In February And Missed It

  1. British Alberta? Mental picture of Albertans with tea cups and saucers, pinky finger raised 🙂
    You will have to tell me what good Indian dishes to order. I think I would love Indian food.
    Great list GP. If you come to Alberta, know you have a friend here.

  2. OH! LOL! I somehow deleted words…I meant to say British Columbia or Alberta. Ah, but how kind of you to ask in such a kind way. 😀 So, all ya'll Alberta folks are called "Albertans?" This is always good information to have.I think Indian food is an acquired taste. The first thing I loved was the Saffron rice for its VERY yellow and very fragrant character. The next thing I began to enjoy was this pungent, briny pickle. Since I am also a textures person, I haven't fallen in love with the eggplant dishes I've tried. They are too squishy. Unfortunately, I don't know the names of some of the dishes. Curry is something I thought I hated but it seems that I have fallen in love with it.It would be dreamlike to actually visit your town in the Rockies! My first view of Calgary was on television during an Olympics. Beautiful!

  3. Hehe. I really loved the British Alberta part. British makes me think of proper etiquette. In Alberta you see tattoos used as advertisment for the local orchestra; composer's names on the backs of hockey jerseys. It's all about hockey and rodeo.
    Thanks for the Indian dish recommendations. I shall try those out. I'm not as sensitive to texture so I might enjoy the eggplant dishes. Can you have your food courses touching on your plate or do they all have to be completely separate? Do you eat Calamari? Too chewy?
    The Olympics were a special time in Calgary. I remember them well. The city has changed a lot since then. You must come for a visit.

  4. Hey there, jhm. (Is Jesus helping you? I haven't asked lately.) Okay. I'm trying to imagine tattoos as orchestra adverts. Maybe I'd fit in with the Canadians. In Oklahoma it is all about cowboys, rodeo and indians (I mean, native Americans…but I think I am a native American). Rodeo is a big deal. Big.Calamari. You are right. It is too chewy. HOWEVER, in Venezuela I had it and it was NOT too chewy and was absolutely excellent. NO texture problem. I suspect it was more fresh.I do not have to keep my foods separate. I come from a long line of food mixers so any sensitivity was taken early. I sure wish I knew the name of some of the Indian foods.

  5. Jesus is helping me. I'm impressed you remember that. I picked it up from Leanne Payne. Except she uses the Latin abbreviations. She begins her journal with 'Jesus Help me' and ends it with 'To God be the Glory'.
    It sounds like Oklahoma and Alberta have a lot in common. Except we call natives 'First Nations People'.
    Hmm. I have never had really fresh calamari. Not too chewy? I like it anyways, but fresh?…must have that experience. I'm going to St. John's Newfoundland in July. I hope to have all kinds of wonderful seafood experiences you can never hope to have in the prairie. :::happy seafood dance over here:::

  6. Mexican food from Texas. I knew there was something I liked about you….besides you lovin' Jesus and all. You need to get out a bit, ha. I pray the Lord take you on a journey to places you have never seen and bless you exceedingly, abundantly beyond all you could ask or think (read Eph 3:20 – my favorite). Be blessed. Carol

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