Randy Thomas Interviews Marine Cpl Matt Sanchez

I read with interest Randy Thomas‘ interview with Marine Corporal Matt Sanchez.  The controversy surrounding Cpl. Sanchez resides with the fact that Sanchez had once starred in gay porn features under the character name of Rod Majors.  This fact was revealed by gay bloggers (some of whom I read lightly but find some of the material quite bawdy and inappropriate for someone in ministry to read) and verified by Sanchez himself.  It is as though the man is considered hypocritical primarily because he has a gay (or gay porn) history and yet aligns himself with conservative politics–calling himself a “Regan Republican.”

I suppose this wouldn’t have been such an issue except for the recent activity of Cpl. Sanchez in the conservative political arena.

In Randy’s interview with Sanchez, they talked about the political position of the Corporal, his activism on behalf of vetrans, his gay-porn past and his moral code.  A couple of comments by Sanchez early in the interview I will glean now for you and then I request that you go read the interview and share YOUR thoughts with Randy.  It is worth signing in to add YOUR VOICE to the comments over on his blog.

I posted this comment in response to the article:

Good interview. I’ll be reposting this on my blog because it intrigues me so.

William Wilson responded to your decision to edit his comments with “so much for certain Christians and the truth…” Nothing in this interview concerns me. As you’ve stated in other posts recently, there really is a problem, in the view of many, with a man or woman changing the way they choose to live their lives. That point of view (Willim’s included) certainly undermines the power of the mere human to make drastic changes in their lives simply because they want change. Add to that the additional power afforded mere humans through conversion or other meaningful spiritual experiences and we see humans changing all the time.

Additionally, I don’t see the problem with someone continuing to try to make such changes even if they relapse. Anything that is strongly addictive or deeply seated requires LOTS of active choosing over long periods of time to make changes. I’m still a work in progress regarding my sexually addicted, lesbian past…Yet, at the 17-year mark I have to say that it is a very rare day that I deal with any significant sexual temptation of any kind and I’m glad I’ve done the work required to find that peaceful place.

Anyway, I appreciate this post and Sanchez’s clear direction and his effort in living with some moral code and direction. As a conservative, I’ve got no problem with this man’s history.

Matt Sanchez on his gay-porn history as told to Randy Thomas:

I had already confessed everything up with my recruiter.  He saw the pictures, someone sent them to him anonymously and he asked if I was a homosexual. I said no.

I own up to what happened and what I did. I think one of the ironic things was that I truly felt I was only harming myself and not anyone else hold on.  Like I said, I thought I was just getting involved in social suicide but it turns out that I was actually getting involved in a fairly warped life-style, a lifestyle of setting oneself up as a type of idol and then worshiping my own silly fantasy of myself. At the time, it meant “freedom” now I see it meant a type of prison. Freedom from societal restraints. Now, I see it’s society that threatens to restrain me for my participation and those images.

Matt Sanchez on the Marine code as told to Randy Thomas:

You’re constantly placed under enormous pressure and often your only way of being “saved” is turning toward the Marine method. Honor, Courage, and Committment are the 3 commandments.  There’s a lot of leeway, but if you follow those tenets, you’re generally ok.

When Randy asked how gay sexuality would affect the Marine Corps, Cpl. Sanchez replied:

The Marine Corps just passed a ruling on excessive tattooing because it was generally becoming disruptive by putting the individualism of body art ahead of the Marine Corps duties.  By that same token, the “I’m here, I’m queer” mindset is a self-indulgent ideology that clashes with the “The Few the Proud” mentality of self-sacrifice and team work.  On another level, sex and sexual action is a huge issue in the Marine Corps even with female Marines and their interaction with male Marines.  You simply can’t overlook sex in the military it breaks down the command structure and damages authority in ways that have no parallel in civilian society. The needs of the Marine Corps are inherently different than the needs for the student body of a college campus. So, the gay movement or black power movement or latino pride movement are counter-intuitive to the mindset of the Corps. There are no “Latino Marines, or Black Marines or Chinese Marines, there are just Marines.  In that way, they’re not different from Christians who have a non-segregation “We are all God’s children” approach to their fellow Christians.

Matt Sanchez on the political fray as told to Randy Thomas:

Activists want my head gay conservatives and conservatives in general think it’s a non-issue and are much more concerned with who I am today. There’s a huge ideological difference as well. The difference between who can change and whether one is simply born into a situation and unable to get out of it. Gay fundamentalist are original sinners, they’re very frustrated because they truly feel they were ‘born that way” and have no choice. These are the people who love to tell me I was in those films therefore I am “damned for life” they also feel their sexuality makes them “marked men” or people who are eternally on the fringe and that there’s no need to do anything but “accept” oneself anything else would be self-loathing

Each of these points are interesting to me in that conservatives are considered to be non-thinking, closed-minded and religious.  Regarding this last clipped comment, Sanchez correctly points out that the issue is ideological.  There are some that believe that people cannot change.  I’d go further and say that entertaining the idea that people CAN change is opposed because it leaves the possibility open that people can change.  In my short time out here in blogworld, I am learning that the possibility of change is the fearsome and terrible LIE (oooooh!) that the gay fundamentalist is trying to squash forever.

I like this comment from Sanchez:

…marked man ideologues. These are reductionists who feel you are what you do and you are stained for ever.  This is the bulk of the gay fundamentalists, the anti-religious, the pro-abortionists constituents these are the people who feel you’re “born that way” by that token, child molesters are just born that way, and should be “forgiven” for just doing what comes natural. These people tend to be very hostile to anything above their homemade philosophy of me-as-god.

With all that said, I’d like to point you to Randy’s posts about Sanchez.  First is the original post, here.  Next is the interview, here.

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4 thoughts on “Randy Thomas Interviews Marine Cpl Matt Sanchez

  1. I find it impossible to believe Corporal Sanchez. Perhaps you can understand why if you will read this detailed source of information on him-http://www.countyhistorian.com/cecilweb/index.php/Matt_SanchezGranted it is skewed by someone who obviously does not look favorably upon him. It is compelling nevertheless. Thankfully it will God who will judge him and not I.

  2. GP, I have only read your post but will go to Randy’s site. However, I totally believe in a person’s right to choose, and that includes his or her right to choose to change. If Cpl. Sanchez has chosen this path and decided to serve his country honourably, then I applaud him.

  3. Thank you for commenting here and for sharing your view. The article you reference is similar to the wikipedia article. For my friends who read, I must say that you should exercise caution in following any links if you choose to follow Mark Nation's link to the article. As you know, I made no comment on his credibility.

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