Three Years

Handsome and I celebrated our third anniversary yesterday.  We both took a day off from work and allowed ourselves a slow start to the day.  The weather was perfect for us.  We had a full-day of slow and constant rains.  Nice.  It suited our dual melancholy natures. 

But eventually we got out of the house and went for some Greek food near downtown Oklahoma City. We sat near the large windows and ate our Greek salads (complete with feta cheese, red bell peppers, dark red tomatos), gyro meat and pita bread.  We took our time.  Handsome had a cup of coffee (a luxury which is beginning to make me jealous since I am abstaining due to my intolerant digestion) and I a soft drink (which would have been fine, except for the rain). 

After our late lunch we drove through the streets of the city just enjoying the rain and making small talk.  Nice.

Eventually we rented three movies and watched all three.  NONE of them were bad.  ALL were good.

Children of Men.  It is hard to find good science fiction.  This is great.  Set in 2027 (not too far, eh?) it explores a world where infertility has spread throughout the planet and no children have been born in almost two decades.  Society has degenerated worldwide. Great Britan has become the last stable society and is being inundated with illegal refugees from all over the world.  The streets are full of violence.  Into this culture comes some fresh hope.  I hear that the movie is a huge departure from the book but there are some strong spiritual themes so now I am curious about the book. 

Since my neighborhood is largely Christian I will tell you that there are some cautions and it is not a family film.  The social commentary is potent and I am thrilled to have seen this. What you get in the mix is strong language, lots of drugs and alcohol, a moment of brief nudity and a graphic childbirth scene.  You may check this link for further cautions.

Stranger Than Fiction.  This is not your typical comedy.  It is comical, however. Harold Crick is an IRS agent with obsessive, compulsive disorder.  The movie surrounds the actions our hero takes when he begins to hear a woman's voice narrating his life.  I enjoyed it and I don't think it is simply because I like quirky characters.  

Move Over Darling.  Oh my goodness!  It is Doris Day, James Garner, Thelma Ritter, Polly Bergen, Don Knotts…

Ellen had disappeared after a plane crash at sea.  Five years have passed and her loyal husband, Nicholas, finally has her legally declared dead and marries again.  The morning of his new marriage, Ellen returns after a rescue from the island where she has been marooned.  The comedy develops around these unfortunate circumstances.

Handsome tells me that this was made after Marilyn Monroe died before finishing Something's Got To Give.  Too bad for Marilyn but this was just fun.  Oh and does it make anyone else nervous when the whole story line develops around a simple misunderstanding or, maybe, some ommission that if someone would just speak up the whole chaotic mess would be solved?  Ah well.. 

Around 10:45 we headed to bed and I woke up at 1:30.  I don't know what this is all about!  Yawn!

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9 thoughts on “Three Years

  1. Well, Congrats and Happy Anniversary!!!!!! How much fun to just veg all day!! I think it's a perfect way to celebrate! I'm happy for you two.I loved Stranger Than Fiction. I was suprised by it–and I'm glad because I don't usually go for Will Ferrell flicks. Sci-fi, now that's a different story! I LOVE Sci-fi!! I heard about Children of Men, but I haven't seen it. I may just have to go and rent that one next time I have a free evening. Thanks for the reviews. 🙂

  2. Happy Anniversary, GP and Handsome! I like those movies, as well, though watching Children of Men left me sad. Stranger Than Fiction was definitely not what I thought it would be. Will Ferrell was a more subtle form of his goofy self, and I liked it, though I do like Will Ferrell 'out there' goofy self, also. And Doris Day. Can't go wrong with a Doris Day comedy. I saw this one a long, long time ago. Doris Day makes me laugh, though I agree, it is frustrating that the truth goes unspoken for so freakin' long.

  3. Thank you, everyone. I appreciate your good wishes.
    Say, Amanda, which is your #1 Will Farrell flick? I haven't tended to like them too much but I enjoyed the pieces out of "Elf." I laughed. I cried. When they all had the spontaneous sing-a-long out at Central Park, well, I just sobbed. Does that make me a Christmas wimp? (Oh, and the whole "believing in Santa" reminded me of Peter Pan and the if-you-believe-in-faries-then-clap-your-hands thing.)

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