On Miscarriage: The Valley Song by Jars of Clay

KayCeeBee is an old friend of mine.  We use to attend the same church back when we were much younger adults.  Anyway, she visited a recent post and offered this song as well.  Someone has put the song to a slide show and even a few slides in the show are meaningful to me.  So, here is a new song that is meaningful to my current dealings with the miscarriage.

Someone sent a private message to me and said that they thought I was less affected with this miscarriage because I had said that we were blessed and that it was unlocking treasures…um, …that I had reached for hope…and that we were in the hands of God.  All of that is true.  I would say that we are not LESS AFFECTED but affected differently.  Grieving is a process.  We revisit it.  Because I am in the position of people-helping it is necessary to shield my personal world a little bit so I can serve; however, that does not mean I am not feeling, needing, fighting, yearning, hoping, hating like the rest of the world.

Eventually, I will post about some of this journey but, for now, I am processing.  WE are processing.

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2 thoughts on “On Miscarriage: The Valley Song by Jars of Clay

  1. There are two other songs dealing with miscarriage that my wife and I find very powerful. Natalie Grant's "Held," and Watermark's "Glory Baby" (best version is on their live CD, "A Grateful People").
    We like Watermark's because it's not too somber, like many songs dealing with this tough topic, but uplifting and positive, beautiful and engaging. And "Held" … wow.

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