On Miscarriage: I Am Not Alone

I visited with a friend about grief today.  She lost her loved one almost a year ago.  We agree that grief is a very lonely process.  I'm awake a little late tonight…and found this.


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3 thoughts on “On Miscarriage: I Am Not Alone

  1. You are right, it is a very lonely road…this journey of grief.
    I remember "heave-sobbing" at the oddest of times.
    I remember feeling very numb and "going through the motions" of life…finding distraction in a job that I was doing at home assembling packets for a woodworking store.
    I didn't know how to express what I was feeling and going through inside of myself…in losing this "child of promise". Also, another aspect to the loss of a yet unborn child is that people who haven't experienced it seem to have little understanding of the impact of said loss. I'm just saying in general they often seem to not understand and feel as though you are grieving amiss…or too much. Certainly there are many who understand to various degrees, but it seems like with this particular type of loss there is not as much understanding.
    I remember when looking at my little Faith baby and holding her tiny perfect body in my hand…so fragile and perfect…I remember saying, "How can one become so attached someone so tiny?" I couldn't believe how much grief it caused me to lose this child…after 14 weeks of preganncy. It was so difficult to let go of her…even after knowing her for such a short amount of time within my womb…then holding her tiny, perfect, fragile, pink little self within my hand…in those first few minutes after delivery.
    I also remember not being hungry and not eating right for a period of several months afterward.
    This process of grief came into my life before I was a "talker" and better able to express my thoughts and feelings verbally.
    Yes, lonely is an accurate description of the feeling of the path, BUT, thankfully, we have an awesome God Who walks with us both through "the valley of the shadow of death" and the impact of death upon our hearts and lives. He knows just when we need to be carried in His arms.

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