Just Because I Like Music

This first selection is Sircut Cervus by Palestrina as performed by the Westminster Cathedral Choir.  The video isn't exciting for most but the piece is simply beautiful.  I do not know Latin but I am told the text is Psalm 42:

"As the deer pants for flowing waters, so my soul longs for you, O God."  This is beautiful stuff.

My second selection is Classical Gas by Mason Williams who, I am told, wrote it to impress some people at a party. (I love trivial stuff!)  Anyway, this arrangement is reggae in feel and is performed by Vanessa Mae and played on her electric fiddle.  I just enjoyed the ride. (I also wish I could learn to play it on the guitar to impress my step-dad.)  I guess the electric violin is exciting to me.  I've loved jazz violin for years–ever since I heard Jean Luc Ponte.


The third selection is called "Advent Suite" as performed live by John Michael Talbot.  I first encountered this on the album "The Painter" with John Michael Talbot and Terry Talbot performing.  I played it over and over again for years.  I loved finding it as performed.  Pretty.

Also, Talbot but from the album "The Lord's Supper."  This piece the "The Apostle's Creed."  I have early morning memories of commuting to high school and playing the album full-volume on my car stereo. 


In a moment of strong departure from the overtly religious themes I go for something a little more strange and just a shade less religious.  Besides, this is so fun it just gets me jazzed.

Imagine the sound of brakes here.  For for music that influenced my teen years we begin with the talented group Queen (I never heard that there was a controversy.  I only knew the power of the sound of this music.)  The song?  Bohemian Rhapsody. Man oh man!  Beautiful stuff!

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