QotD: Luxury Wish List

If money were no object, which five luxury items would you rush right out and buy? 
Submitted by lorilyn.

I would buy a house with a large central living area which would accomodate no less than 25 people comfortably.  It would have a large front porch with seating (preferably rockers) and a large, covered back patio with a built-in grill and fireplace.  Both the yards would be landscaped in a way that invited you into the yard.  The kitchen would be laid out to my specifications with a large pantry, large freezer and comfortable seating for at least 8 so that we can hang-out in the kitchen.  The house would have at least two private reading area (I don't mean bathrooms). It would have a 3-car garage so Handsome can have dream cars that change often.

I should probably think bigger but I've always wanted a fully-loaded Honda Accord.  It should have leather seats, rockin' wheels, sun/moon roof, powerful stereo with both multi-cd changer and mp3 port AND also satellite radio.

I want lawn service and home cleaning service.

I would hire out the cooking of a large variety of tasty and healthy meals for H and I to eat all week….take to work… never have to think about it again.

I would have an entirely new wardrobe of clothing that fit beautifully which would include shoes that fit and don't hurt my heels or knees…and everyone would think it was awsome.


With that said, do you think me superficial and material?

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6 thoughts on “QotD: Luxury Wish List

  1. This could be my list too! I'd add several homes for variety of location and also a private jet and pilot to get me to them. That way I could leave when I wanted and could throw all the junk I normally throw in my car for road trips.

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